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New training ground plans

According to local Eltham based community magazine SEnine, Charlton have submitted new proposals for Sparrows Lane training ground improvements. Scaled down from those previously submitted, which literally lay in the dirt, the new plans still include a purpose-built indoor facility and a two storey pavilion to house state-of-the-art training equipment and accommodation.

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The CFO next

Rats and ships.

Rick Everitt has heard what I heard yesterday (from a fellow Blogger) that Charlton CFO David Jones has resigned. Possibly he has a job elsewhere lined up, like Meire apparently.

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Then there was three

I could never get seriously worked up about the Ticket Office Manager, Mandy whatsit. How she was part of Meire’s senior management team was laughable. Do you think old Betty at Bluewater is on Showcase Cinema’s senior management board? Mandy, a Palace fan, sold and arranged tickets. Badly.

Anyway it turns out that after a little bit of a tiff with fellow Meire bottom licker, David Joyes, Mandy has resigned. Walked out. Gone. Anderson-Myers famously thought that we still had a chance of survival weeks after we were officially relegated. Mind you Betty probably doesn’t understand the plot to Captain America: Civil War.
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Up, up and away

Next week’s senile statement missive from Charlton might well mention balloons. 50,000 black and white ones are planned to float around The Valley tomorrow, and I expect lapdog Tony Keohane’s honey to-do list today will include re-writing the list of items banned from bringing into the ground.

In the week of beach ball-gate, the Metropolitan Police have said they are not pursuing a criminal investigation into Addicks’ supporters who accidentally spilled beach balls onto the pitch against Middlesbrough in front of a live TV audience. This should remind us all that the club can do absolutely nothing against lawful and harmless protests.

Also if you haven’t seen this week’s CARD video, it’s a cracker.
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Building a better future together

By prosecuting and banning men, women and children who threw a black & white beach ball onto the pitch.

Another poorly issued statement from the incompetent CEO and her bellicose COO yesterday. “Last week, in response to an unfortunate increase in incidents of disorder at matches involving Charlton Athletic, there was a meeting at New Scotland Yard between the Metropolitan Police Service and the club.” (more)

The CEO and COO clearly wobbling and doing another fine job of communicating with the fanbase with more idle threats and the only way the club is talking to their customers at the moment is via statements on it’s increasingly toxic Official Site. That poor photo of a corner flag is going to be worn out.
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