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He’s electric

My son leaves on a jet-plane tonight back to London, a day later than planned thanks to British Airways. We have had him through the past week, his first time on the island since before the pandemic, and it was a pleasure to hang out.

He has done almost everything the tour book can throw up here previously, and therefore he was happy to swim, chill, eat, drink and get some sun on his face.

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London bound

I fly to the UK tonight deciding to go around the houses to get to Heathrow to avoid, at the time, striking BA staff and the seemingly unavoidable crazy cost of airline fares.

The cost of airline travel due to fuel rises and returning post pandemic demand is off the charts at the moment, and in Bermuda where BA monopolize the transatlantic route and we are still not back to a complete schedule, the cost of flights are rapacious.

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What a time to fly

So where will you be watching the game later?

After being lucky enough to be at Wembley on Wednesday, this evening I will be on BA159…. ✈️

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Charlton Athletic 2 Rochdale 1

Hard fought..

And a stuttering and often ugly performance tonight but 3 very valuable points against what I was thought was a very decent Rochdale team, playing with a style far better than their league position indicates.

I watched for the first time on EFL’s iFollow service, which allows overseas fans to watch live games. Charlton remember don’t subscribe to iFollow but almost all of our League One opponents do and for a fiver for a match pass I thought it was good. No commentary just live pictures and atmosphere, although there was a delay in the sound, but I’d recommend it, if you are able to take advantage. By the way I would encourage you take this CAFC media team’s survey on their Valley Pass service.

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Marmite Robinson appointed

“Following a thorough appointment process.” Cut and paste and repeat.

Well welcome Karl and I sincerely hope that you don’t sell your Buckingshire home and buy that one in Greenwich that your missus has fallen in love with. Rent mate, rent.

I’ve always been a bit marmite on Karl Robinson. As a young coach he impressed at MK Dons with a limited budget and caught the eye of chairmen of bigger clubs but to his credit stayed loyal. They had a pleasing attacking style and Robinson has worked well with many young players, either homegrown or on loan. His record, although marred by nearly’s, does have a promotion on it, and despite a 20-year age gap is much better than Russell Slade’s.

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US Airways final flight

By coincidence last night I was on the last ever US Airways flight. American Airlines bought US Airways in 2012 and the overnight flight US1939 from San Francisco to Philadelphia was the final time a US Airways flagged plan will fly before officially becoming part of AA. 

There was a party at the gate along with a load of camera crews, and twice I was asked for an interview but I politely declined. Flight US 1939 was named after the year the airline began service known then as All American Aviation. We each got a souvenir bag, a huge cake and champagne as we hit the skies, although the bloke next to me was asleep as soon as he sat down. I’ve always wanted to be able to do that!
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Snow go

I had another aborted attempt in trying to get to New York this morning. At least this time my flight was cancelled even before I had thought about packing last night. A fortnight ago I had to spend 3 hours at Bermuda airport where there is nothing to do except get progressively more annoyed at American Airlines’ incompetence.

While the cynic in me thinks American Airlines just didn’t want to fly a two-thirds empty flight and would rather save the fuel, the official reason was the weather, and to be fair the Big Apple is getting hit pretty hard this morning with a snowfall of upto 14 inches expected – bigger than the dump they got two weeks ago.
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Skools out

Home with a bumpy and early landing last night as a result of very strong winds. The BA pilots are renowned here for getting their planes down whatever the conditions, whereas more often than not, the US airlines tend to shirk a tricky landing and head back from whence they came. No fun that, I can tell you.

I had a very nice trip home and was once again impressed with my son’s school Oakwood Park Grammar, so much so that I sat listening to the various presentations beginning to wish I could go to school all over again. I don’t think I have ever felt the need to re-live my school days but the enthusiam with which teachers discussed subjects like Media, Psychology, Graphics and History got me wishing it could be me. I was at his school to discuss his GSCE Options, which they are doing a year early, and I am sure my son wished it actually could be me!
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My 12 Days of Christmas

There we have it, the last of my 12 Days of Christmas with us now back where we started at Gatwick Airport ready for our flight back to Bermuda this afternoon, which we will be boarding at around half time of the match at Vicarage Road.
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An alien in New York

A fantastic wedding weekend in Chicago has been extended by one night as we are holed up in the Hilton at JFK. Due to supposed bad weather, I am guessing somewhere in the world because it was not obvious, our flight from Chicago to New York this afternoon left late and sure enough we missed our connection back to Bermuda.
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In spirit if not body

My body doesn’t like me too much at the moment. After a weekend on the toot in Magaluf pretending to be 25-years younger than I really am, I then flew myself 9 hours back in time to Sin City, Las Vegas which included a sprint through Heathrow’s new Terminal 5 to make my final connection.

When my alarm went off on Monday night when I was in a cab taking me from the airport in Las Vegas to the hotel, it signalled that I had been up for 24 hours.
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Solo flyer

My son flew into Bermuda this evening travelling the 6.5-hour flight on his own. British Airways allow children to fly on their own from the age of 5 although ages, rules and regulations differ depending on the route and he has been asking for a while if he could travel here on his own. This morning his Mum was more nervous than he was as he took the whole adventure in his stride.
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Green day

Dear me, it’s football tomorrow isn’t it? Shit, how Charlton can ruin your weekend episode 474.

For those of us listening to the game from Dagenham tomorrow we can at least be comforted by the fact that Paul Benson will be doing the commentary. When he signed on the dotted line for three times his salary I don’t expect for a minute that he thought just seven months later his career would reach these kinds of dizzying heights.
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Rosewood to take over Tucker’s Point Hotel

If you are a regular reader of mine you will know that I have long been in love with the Rosewood Hotel Group, in my humble opinion the best luxury brand hotels in the world.

There are only 19 owned and/or managed Rosewood Hotels, and I have on my bucket list to visit all of them. I am currently stuck on five but then completely out of the blue as we sat on the bed last night at the Tucker’s Point Hotel watching the local news, that increased to six!
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Travel bug

‘Hurricane’ Colin turned out to be nothing more than a damp squib yet that didn’t stop the majority of the airlines cancelling yesterday and today’s flights – clearly no access to t’internet at American Airlines HQ to check the bloody weather forecast.
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