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Marmite Robinson appointed

“Following a thorough appointment process.” Cut and paste and repeat.

Well welcome Karl and I sincerely hope that you don’t sell your Buckingshire home and buy that one in Greenwich that your missus has fallen in love with. Rent mate, rent.

I’ve always been a bit marmite on Karl Robinson. As a young coach he impressed at MK Dons with a limited budget and caught the eye of chairmen of bigger clubs but to his credit stayed loyal. They had a pleasing attacking style and Robinson has worked well with many young players, either homegrown or on loan. His record, although marred by nearly’s, does have a promotion on it, and despite a 20-year age gap is much better than Russell Slade’s.

However he comes across as a smarmy git, with a chippy personality which might not endear himself to Addicks. Asking for fans to call off protests on Saturday and pull together was a very naive comment, albeit off guard to a fan on the way to Bristol on Tuesday.

But Robinson will do well to remember his comment last year that Charlton was a “basket case and only going one way.” Good luck Karl, you’re going to need it.

The black mark on Robinson’s resume is last season’s relegation from The Championship. Whilst Bolton and Charlton fought against off the field demons, MK Dons appeared to have a much clearer path to safety and I was surprised that MK Dons were so bad, often failing to get out of their own way and shipping goals all over. That poor form continued into this season, which eventually saw Robinson lose his job.

All in all though he may just be the best qualified off all the numpties that this reign have appointed. Hopefully he can outlast Duchatelet and Meire and we don’t have another groundhog day in a few months time.

Frankly however we should be nervous that Katrien Meire is still allowed to make any executive decisions, any decision to be honest. Whoever she and he appoint as manager or head coach or interim or caretaker is irrelevant until they are gone. And Karl, sorry mate, but the protests will go on.

Robinson will take over officially on Monday after Mrs Robinson is convinced to rent and not buy. His first press conference will be interesting and again Addicks’ will be intrigued to hear the lies that will be spouting from Meire’s lips and to see how well Robinson has read the script, and how he will incorporate Chris O’Loughlin into his team.

So Kevin Nugent gets another game on Saturday against promotion favourites Sheffield United. Good luck Kevin, and in the meantime Chris Wilder and Karl Robinson can compare notes!

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  1. Chris #

    Karl is a ‘street-wise’ manager and hopefully will have seen through the smoke screen that may have occurred when being interviewed…..The proof will be in the pudding and lets all hope that he can continue the good work Kevin Nugent has done recently….Karl will need to prove that he’s no ones fool and drive for promotion back to the Championship…..Its going to be a long and demanding season.

    November 24, 2016
    • james #

      As a mk fan poor old robbo has no plan b. It’s play one way no variation so it’s easy to play against. Look at his record in the last year. The 2 1/2 yr contract should ease the pain in 3 months

      November 24, 2016
  2. Chris #

    I hope too that Karl will realise the utter despite for the owner, ceo, and senior management by the genuine and concerned fans and retract the comment made about stopping protests on a match day.

    November 24, 2016
    • Tom #

      What is the guy supposed to say – ‘let’s crank up the protests lads’? Protests were halted by CARD in the ground until recently to give Russell Slade and the team the best chance of success – Karl Robinson should be afforded the same treatment.

      November 24, 2016
  3. Andy #

    A club with Charlton’s potential should be looking to poach an up and coming manager a smaller club, but let’s face it with the current regime in place they are not going to be exactly queuing up for the job. The best we can hope for is a recently sacked manager who has showed some potential prior to the dismal run of results that lead to their sacking. Would have been nice to keep Kevin Nugent in charge for a few more games, but I guess the wheels were already in motion with Karl by then.

    All moot point I guess though; we have had seven (or is it eight) managers so the manager is seemingly not the issue here. The common factor is the CEO. If we can replace our current CEO and RD continues to stay away then we could potentially operate like something resembling a normal football club. If a CEO in any other business had alienated the ‘customer’ base and overseen a massive reduction in revenue they wouldn’t still be in the job.

    November 24, 2016
  4. Bob Miller #

    CA, you have a serious virus on your blog!! It’s called a2c and it needs eradicating!!

    November 24, 2016
  5. No, surely it’s meant to be funny (Queen Kat) an all, it’s comic and the gibberish illiteracy, it always makes me laugh.

    November 24, 2016
  6. Nigel Reddick #

    I must admit to thinking this is a good appointment – but then I thought that of Slade. But I’m still excited by it, although I know he will have one hand tied behind his back under this regime. As regards Tom’s comment above on what Robinson should say, the answer is simple – nothing. he alienated a good number of fans with that naïve comment.

    Pembury Addick

    November 24, 2016
    • Exactly. When you have no idea on the subject matter. Say nothing at all.

      Robinson can do his talking on the pitch. Always praise the fans for support of the players and a relationship will develop.

      November 24, 2016
  7. Hard to comment on Karl really,Iwill try to form a retrospective view when our next manager comes in at the start of spring,it does make good financial sense to only have three managers a year for no wages will have to be paid for the late spring early summer period.I wonder if The light bulb man sacks as many managers in his business as he does at football clubs? it does always amaze me that no matter how bad it gets with our Ceo her employment is never in question.Anyone been watching that channel 4 drama ! Humans ! Just a thought.

    November 24, 2016
  8. you missed out dahn ahr gaff

    November 24, 2016
  9. JH #

    I still struggle to see anything positive that the in-stadium protests have achieved I can see that they have succeeded in dividing the fans,emptying the stadium, demoralising the players and demonising the management . Have they helped change the ownership?, have they they assisted in finding the club a new buyer?, have they made the business more attractive for a potential takeover? absolutely not.
    The way forward (I would have thought) if a change of ownership is to happen, is to tempt a potential buyer by improving rather than undermining.
    The protesters seem so blinkered by their hatred towards certain individuals that they seem to be losing their grasp of common sense and are shooting themselves in the proverbial foot. The destruction of the club which is perceived to be happening is rapidly becoming a self fulfilling prophecy in no small part because of these in-stadium protests.

    November 24, 2016
    • Yep. All the fans’ fault.

      November 24, 2016
      • JH #

        So rather than a sarcastic response, why not try and address the actual question as to what these in-stadium protests have achieved. I am talking specifically about the in-stadium protests.

        November 24, 2016
        • Remind me what Roland Duchatelet and Katrien Meire have achieved? Financial security at what future cost? The debt that he has loaded onto Charlton is crippling. Look at how much money he took out of Standard Liege. They are struggling to compete now.

          The in game protests have produced our best team performances. The pigs got kudos from some of the players. They are professionals and the crowd, those that are there, still back them.

          The in game protests have shown up Meire for the incompetent liar that she is and the pig headed owner for what he is. It has grabbed the attention of other club’s supporters, national and local journalists, ex footballers, ex managers and other club’s execs. I don’t see or hear much support for her or him.

          So you think the protests have emptied the stadium, not an alienated and disregarded fan base, not 7 managers, not tens of useless players and network patsy’s and our lowest league position since the 1920’s?

          No, they haven’t yet changed the owner or find a new buyer. But it is well known that there has been interest.

          Have they made it more attractive for a future owner? I don’t know. ‘Customers’ that care about the business, that are angry at its demise, that have proven loyalty to the brand and have fought for it before and fight for it’s future again is I think a bloody good stimulus for someone wanting to take a club forward that wants to do the right thing by it.

          November 24, 2016
          • Jh #

            I would suggest the good performances that you refer to were despite rather than because of the in-stadium protests and as far as all the other points you make – showing ineptitude, incompetence and getting media attention- they could all be achieved by other forms of protest outside the stadium. You haven’t convinced me of the benefit of these in-stadium -protests but I do appreciate that you have given me a sensible reply

            November 24, 2016
  10. Steve #

    Nothing naive about seeking unity. Some might say throwing toys onto the pitch in an attempt to force a businessman to sell at a loss is naive.
    If KR brings success on the pitch is it naive to suggest that Rick everitt and his followers may have to eat their words?
    Like everyone else here I only want and wish the best for our club – it all starts with financial stability and a decent manager, as for everything else, in a perfect world a passionate, wealthy and astute owner – unfortunately the queues not very long down floyd road

    November 24, 2016
    • Steve – let’s wait and see shall we. Every decision better than the last and all that. Excuse me if I’m a little cynical.

      As for Rick Everitt having to eat his words. Well it won’t just be Rick will it. It will be thousands and thousands of supporters. And a lot that have given decades of support for this little club emotionally and financially.

      If by the way KR brings success, and I really hope he does, then it will not be because of Duchatelet and Meire because they are singularly unable to change.

      November 24, 2016
  11. Mark #

    CA – that bloody virus is back again….!

    Any manager who joins Charlton at the moment can be here for one reason only – to get on the gravy train to get 2.5 years salary for 3-6 months work…!! He should also visit a local psychologist because nobody in their right mind would want to work for the gruesome twosome.

    The jury is well and truly out on Robinson – but then he won’t be allowed full rein over the team so guess we’ll never know what he might achieve.
    First battle he’s facing now is to win the supporters over – he’s already ‘put up a black’ by his comments about the protests – and continue they will because nothing has changed with the regime. At least Slade had the good sense to keep his gob shut on the subject!

    Second battle he’s going to have will be in the January transfer window – Lookman will be gone, but who is he going to be allowed to bring in to fill that large hole and the other gaps in a very threadbare squad?

    Sadly I can only see this ending in tears ….. again…..

    November 24, 2016

    Some interesting views CA – if they had been representative of Charlton fans in the past we’d still be at Sellout park, in league 2, as a feeder club for the Glaziers. The fight goes on tomorrow.

    Pembury Addick

    November 25, 2016
    • It does Nigel.

      I was thinking that. Fortunately Rick, Richard Hunt, Steve Clarke and many, many others didn’t have to eat their words.

      November 25, 2016
      • Steve #

        More genius today from rick everitt, the man with the grudge, this toy taxis in a half-hearted attempt which still managed to spoil the enjoyment of those that only want to support the team.
        I know it’s naive of me to think you’ll stop encouraging this nonsense that gets more childish by the week and only serves to give our burgeoning army of armchair fans more excuses not to bother turning up.
        Think what you like about an owner but it takes a true fan to support their club through thick and thin. These people are a fleeting chapter in the history of our great club and will be gone soon enough when their ready – toys on the pitch and abusive chants won’t hasten their departure I’m afraid but convince people to spend their Saturday afternoons elsewhere.
        Our not so distant past is littered with reasons for more vociferous reactions to this, not least the exodus to SE25, it just seems so over the top.
        The guys dug in deep today against a quality team and there was a whiff o the feel good factor starting return – I live in hope that it won’t be snuffed out by the whinghers and armchair fan social media critics (not meant personally btw)
        Cheers Steve

        November 26, 2016
        • Jh #

          Steve I can’t believe how blinkered you are…
          Don’t you realise that chucking toys onto the pitch, singing abusives chants and booing players is the best way of supporting the team ?…..Don’t you realise that these protests provide a 100% guarantee of 3 points!?…
          Don’t you understand that if we had had more protests and chucked more toys on the pitch we would definitely be in the Premiership by now and would probably have qualified for the Champions league?.
          Oh…..and if you don’t agree then you should just shut up because you are clearly ignorant and don’t genuinely care about the club or it’s past struggles ………apparently

          November 26, 2016
          • Steve #

            Doh…totally overlooked the intimidating impact on opposing teams – come on rick, plastic Christmas puds on the pitch next time, who’d have thought it

            November 26, 2016
          • Jh – undoubtedly the best way for everyone is by pulling together. Our best days have been when club, players and fans have stood in step as one. But I’m sorry to say that Duchatelet and Meire have no concept of that, or do they have any real ideas or strategy for long term success. A new manager every 5-6 months, churning the squad every summer leaving it short on quality and quantity and selling our best young players at the first opportunity is not a route to the Premiership. It might, like Watford, be one way to success but Gino Pozzo has more knowledge of how to run a football club in his Italian loafers than RD has in his entire mad professor head.

            And by the way. You and me are no less of fans and it upsets me that Addicks’ are turning on each other. I respect your views and appreciate you reading my posts and commenting.

            November 27, 2016
        • Steve #

          And don’t forget – under our last judicious owners we couldn’t even stage a game on a rainy day – can’t recall any toys on the mud bath then

          November 26, 2016
        • Lol. Not taken personally I think..

          November 27, 2016
  13. LP #

    I must thank the Sheff Utd players and fans for today. You have given me hope because I really thought I would never feel the passion again – but today I did. So obnoxious were they and typically northern niggly were their players (leave the boy alone – he can’t help being better than you) that to get the equaliser in taxi time bought all the joy back. (Albeit acknowledging that they were the better team) For a moment there we were all united again so I don’t get too upset by the comments of the likes of Steve because I believe we will be again. Oh, and to the person who told me before the game that I was a disgrace (for giving out taxis) – not once have I heard the protesters calling the non-protesters names. I have suggested before that the non-protesters should get themselves organised if they feel so strongly instead of snide comments at people who feel they have no option but to try to save their club. And Steve – this isn’t just Rick – there a lot of people involved in CARD and I am proud of all of them at a time when there is little to be proud of being a Charlton fan.

    November 27, 2016
  14. Barry #

    Lot of posts that merit consideration but at the end of the day we all have to form a view.
    On balance, I go along with many of the points made byJH in his post of 24/11.
    Keep the protests outside the stadium and don’t disrupt the games. The who come for a game expect to get some football for their money and not to witness disruption with pitch protests (and I do think that pigs and taxies border on the childish and further demean the club).
    My biggest fear is that it’s all very well saying that the protests are effective in keeping fans away but I agree it hardly makes the club more marketable and history suggests that once fans stay away for any length of time, they will never come back. A good run at the play-offs might help but some of those fans will be lost forever.
    Since 1958 I’ve witnessed no end of dramas in supporting this club, I agree this is just another that we will have to get through and supporting the team without distraction will certainly help if we are to get interest from any other buyer. With international economic problems likely to hit the fan more over the next couple of years (even in China) maybe the queue of potential buyers will thin even more.

    November 27, 2016

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