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He’s electric

My son leaves on a jet-plane tonight back to London, a day later than planned thanks to British Airways. We have had him through the past week, his first time on the island since before the pandemic, and it was a pleasure to hang out.

He has done almost everything the tour book can throw up here previously, and therefore he was happy to swim, chill, eat, drink and get some sun on his face.

The weather has been hot, still 90% plus humidity and I am certainly done with the sweating and ready for a change, but he was lapping it up.

Stealth-like, covid has bypassed a couple of years for us all and it only seems like yesterday I was feeding him ice-cream’s here at his favourite spot, but now he is drinking gin & tonic’s like some sort of connoisseur, and Wednesday we both got in trouble for being out late!

One of Bermuda’s many idiosyncrasies is the strict rule of one car per household, which leads to a lot of co-ordination of where and when you want to go somewhere. We’ve got used to it, but it causes predicaments when you have house guests.

Tourists have always been allowed to rent scooters, but too many of those end up on the side of the road. The tourists, not scooters, so I always shy away from that option unless the guest is proficient on a bike.

However the last few years has seen the advent of the electric microcar, which has transformed getting around the island safely and environmentally harmoniously.

A number of little start-up companies offer these rental vehicles, and we have used them at various times and they are a lot of fun and safer than a scooter on these narrow roads.

The Citroen Ami has made an appearance here more recently, and they are great, and have weather protection and air-con. Two seats sat together with room for a bag, unlike the Renault Twizy which are more commonplace.

We rented an Ami for the week and used it extensively. They look a little like a Dinky toy and are ingenious and zippy little things, and I want one.

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