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Charlton Athletic 3 Lincoln City 1

So in this most forlorn of all season’s, when our home record resembles desperate relegation years, tonight the Addicks stretched out the fun and anticipation to the final game of the season by managing to beat 3rd placed Lincoln City 3-1.

Charlton Athletic, the grandmasters of kicking you in the teeth, now face champions Hull on Sunday when a win combined with not a win for both Portsmouth or Oxford will take us into the play-off’s.

This game matched so many others this season. At times we were dour and idea-less. At other times we sparkled and roused.

The first half was best forgotten. There will be a Netflix True Life Story in years to come of why Chuks Aneke, a footballer, can’t play a whole football match. Yes, he was very fortunate not to get sent off, but once again his introduction changed the whole dynamic of the team.

It’s not just that, but putting Aneke on is so often the difference between making me stand up and pump fist the reds on, to switching the game off and doing the washing up instead.

We were lucky not to be behind at the half, but with the onus on us, we were unimaginative and lifeless. The amount of times we passed sideways and back in the first half or if we felt ambitious hurled the ball in the general direction of Stockley was painful.

Millar would hurtle forward, stop, turn around and go back. Maatsen at right wing, I think that was where he was playing, was a liability. Ben Watson, woeful. JFC after I said that he has had an injury free season, got injured!

2nd half and a whole new team came out. Well, actually it was the same team but with Aneke. That first goal was possibly the goal of the season. Beautifully crafted, beautifully finished. By the way what a lovely chap that Jayden Stockley is.

Then it was two. Ryan Inniss doing everything right at the far post from a corner. Lincoln, who have had a fantastic season, had finally met their match.

Aneke got the 3rd, it was deflected but it was on its way in, and in normal times the Covered End would had sucked big Chuks into the Lower for a mass hug.

Of course a clean sheet was too much to ask, but we won and we move on to the final day.

How rare is it that we have nothing to play for on the last game of the season?

Nigel Adkins: “We’ve taken it to the last game of the season, and as we know…anything can happen.”

Photo Credit: Kyle Andrews


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  1. How Dr Kish Chris Thomson would have enjoyed last night’s game. Alas no longer with us, his input was always a good read.
    However, we long suffering supporters are no stranger to the heart in the mouth last ditch cliffhangers that will keep us clinging on to the edge of our seats resembling a white knuckle ride at a amusement park.
    Yet, if we were to reflect for a moment and cast our thoughts back in how we started this campaign, things could have been a lot different if our embargo that prevented us to strengthen the team when injury and players leaving put our chances of keeping pace at the top in peril.
    Hi, we should be used to the ups and downs, after all, this is Charlton we are supporting.
    Nervertheless, football has a tendency to spring surprises and we should never assume its all over until the last ball is kicked.
    Last night our lads took the game to Lincoln City with some fluent passing and crisp finishing which was missing in the last two outings.
    I’m sure many who watched the game must be thinking, why have we the will to win a fixture that was deemed to be a non starter, and games we should win have us chasing shadows.
    The last few games sealed our season, for our position in the top six should have been secured if we played real football that is after all the CHARLTON way and in the past for all those who have been part of this family club as long as I have will surely remember those days.
    Well Sunday will end this turbulent season and we can look forward to whatever league we are in.
    Good luck to all the Addicks who supported and pledged the renewal of their season ticket.

    May 5, 2021
  2. enviableone #

    why oh why can we not play two good halves of football?
    It seems I have been watching for years with a dour first and a determined second, or a magnificent start and a struggle to hold on till full time.

    May 5, 2021
  3. Brian Wakefield #

    What an excellent round up, and I have to say word for word exactly as I saw it, all of it. Ifs and buts always, our fate this season determined by stoppage time equalisers and 2 missed (not scored) penalties. Just the Ronnie and Jayden pens and the Crewe one not happening – we’d be there now. That’ll never happen though will it, just not the Charlton way.

    May 5, 2021
  4. Daggs #

    Well the win against Lincoln unexpected as it was, gives us that tiny chance of securing a play-off place !!
    As a seasoned Charlton supporter, I can confidently predict how our season will end.
    Next Sunday, Oxford will end up with a draw. Meanwhile, Charlton will beat table-topping Hull City.
    But as the Portsmouth game enters additional time with the score at 1-1. The home side score the winning goal on 95 minutes.
    Thus consigning CAFC to another season in this dire league. It’s the Charlton way innit !!

    May 5, 2021

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