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Nigel Adkins

Lots of negativity around the selection of Nigel Adkins. Aspirations of Eddie Howe and Chris Wilder were fanciful, and although Thomas has a few bob he is not a Russian oligarch, and last time I looked we are in the 3rd Division.

Sure, I was underwhelmed too, but unless it’s Karel Fraeye, then judging a manager before a ball is kicked is a little premature.

I was heartened to hear that Thomas has spent 6 weeks considering managerial options. That is what a good businessman does. It is not getting ready to fire the incumbent, it is prudent and intuitive, and good management.

The flip side of course is Thomas is partly to blame for the envelope of the underwhelming feeling amongst Addicks tonight. You have to love his passion and wild ambition, but I personally wish he would knock it off a bit. A little less blue sky Colorado and bit more toned down grey skies of South London.

Nigel Adkins is actually a rare breed when it comes to the English football coterie. After playing for Wigan, Tranmere and Wigan he took a different route into management. He went to university and became a physio. He served for many years as Scunthorpe’s physio bringing new generation ideas to the game in the late 90’s.

He took over as Scunny’s manager just 15 years ago incidentially which puts his four promotions in a better light also considering his time out in between jobs. He also won two league title in Wales as player/manager of Bangor.

Ged Roddy undoubtedly lit the way to Adkins door, and with only a Zoom camera to judge, it is no surprise to me that Thomas was taken with Adkins. He brings intelligence, wit, passion, engagement and excitement. That could also describe Sandgaard.

Sandgaard has hired a football manager like he would a COO, and on paper Adkins record is pretty good, not as good some, but better than others. And yes you can find fans, articles, stories, reporters bashing any mananger even Pep and Jurgen or Jimmy Seed.

Would I rather have gone with someone different, unscarred, young, energetic, Yes. Who was that? I have no idea.

Would I have counted to ten and waited a little longer and given Jacko the reigns for a bit longer. Very probably, but thankfully Johnnie is staying, and more importantly Sandgaard lays out a path for him.

Am I happy that we have avoided the washed up merry go around likes of Monk, Pulis, Campbell, Hughes and Jackett? Absolutely.

Anyone Danish? Laudrup was never coming and we’ve been down that road before. Neil Harris not even getting a mention tells me at least Thomas and Ged know their history.

So, is Nigel Adkins the right appointment? We will see. He has a very warming and engaging personality. He was quick to mention the supporters today numerous times. Maybe 101, but still good to hear.

Somewhere in between Robinson and Bowyer may just be the right mix. Oh and sprinkle a little Curbs and Powell in the pot too, and Jimmy Seed…. then you’ve got me.

In the meantime welcome to our football club Nigel and COYR.

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    I think this could be an excellent appointment. He’s experienced enough without being now on the way down and after a pay check. He wants to prove himself and has a record of promotions (tick) and developing young players (tick). That suits Charlton very well. He has worked for some clubs with odd owners in the past so should relish some stability and ambition with TS.
    Fans should take him as they find him. He comes across well so let’s see where we are at the end of the season.

    With 10 games to go and our injury nightmare passing we have manager that knows how to defend and 30 points to play for. We have 55 right now and the lowest to get into the play offs over recent years was Chesterfield with 69 in 14/15 so we are in with a shout. At least we should have some excitement over the next few weeks and hopefully no more ancient midfield pairings. Keeping JJ as asst provides stability but we needed an appointment made with the head not the heart and TS has moved fast to do that.

    March 19, 2021
  2. David Evans #

    I will make an opinion on the signing of Nigel Adkins when our season ends and we can see where we finish in League One. COYR. Well pleased that JJ is staying on and not heading in the direction of the Midlands. He is a London lad so why go there anyway!

    March 19, 2021
  3. Brian Wakefield #

    Very pleased, and excited with this appointment. I’m happy to see what he can achieve through the duration of his 2 1/2 year contract, because that’s how long it can take to build a proper squad and get them doing what needs to be done. Just ask Ferguson, Klopp, Wenger and a few others.

    March 19, 2021
  4. Mike #

    CA very well said and whilst I have made my thoughts known on Adkins, as his track record isn’t exactly as good as its made out to be since he was sacked by Southampton, plus he has been out of the game for over two years now, so I will reserve my judgement to see how he manages the team and if the performances vastly improve on what have been mostly dire this season!
    I really hope he is the man for the job and we see a great improvement and that Jackson, as Sangaard has indicated, will be groomed to take over, all being well. I am not concerned if we don’t even make the playoffs, as I think we all know there are too many players that just aren’t good enough, just as long as we start playing to a better standard and we see the effort being put in. Then we can look to build for next season with some decent younger players with some energy brought in, rather than relying on old timers who’s kegs aren’t up to it, to hopefully challenge for promotion.

    The thing that does concern me is that whilst everyone is saying, including Sangaard, that Jackson is staying on as Assistant manager, nothing has been really mentioned on the Charlton site itself! Plus Jackson himself, as far as I am aware, hasn’t said anything confirming he is staying on as Assistant Manager. CA as you have more or less said yourself about Sangaard he likes to show his involvement, passion and wants to engage with the supporters etc, so why, as he must be aware that the majority of supporters and also the players really like Jackson, hasn’t it been announced on the site!

    It is common knowledge Bowyer would like to get Jackson in at Birmingham and he has made that known, so that makes it even odder that nothing offical has been said by Charlton, considering everyone wants him to stay, including Sangaard! Could it be after Sangaard’s interview to Sky, that he admitted he has been looking for the previous 4-6 weeks at a possible replacement incase Bowyer left, which I did indicate on a previous post, that maybe Bowyer was being pushed, as you wouldn’t really start looking for a replacement if you were entirely happy with the manager and performances! As in that interview he advised he had had various interviews in that time, which I think he let slip, and Adkins was the one most suited, as you wouldn’t start interviewing possible candidates prior to someone giving their resignation! Which means Sandgaard had already made up his mind who he wanted, so although he advised Jackson he was in the frame for the Managers job, Jackson must have realised afterwards he wasn’t and hadn’t exactly been told the truth!

    So in that case, could it be that Jackson is waiting to see what sort of offer is on the table at Birmingham, which Sangaard must be aware off, before he decides and fully commits to Charlton. Just a thought!

    March 19, 2021
  5. LP #

    Hi CA. Just one little thing – I’m not sure why everyone is saying that people like Eddie Howe are above us and it was fanciful. It really shouldn’t be – this has got to have been an absolute plum job. How many clubs are financially secure with an owner with ambition? How many clubs have the set-up, including academy that we have? How many clubs have a rapidly expanding fan base just waiting for some good football on the pitch? If we can’t attract someone who wants to build a side with all this behind them – oh, and a fantastic ground to play in – then its a sad day.
    You can imagine who I wanted can’t you? But I accept that ship has sailed.

    March 19, 2021
  6. Shadow Play #

    I think the surprise is because of the names mentioned (and you can add Danny Cowley to the usual names) he was one that no-one considered, noby ever said “why not Nigel Adkins?” I would have preferred someone a biy younger – if not Danny Cowley then maybe daniel Stendal or someone with a bit of experience and solid coaching credentials but was closer to the moodern game. But he brings a lot of positives – intelligence, experience, a lot of contacts and a deep knowledge of the game and he has quite a few promotions to his name. He probably also appreciates the need to use the academy structure to nurture talent and he’s hopefully the sort of bloke who premiership teams will trust with their young players.

    He’s going to have a baptism of fire – we have ten games left and a decent chance of making the play-offs – but only if we work hard, and then the squad needs some urgent re-structuring. The Charlton team that takes to the pitch for the first game of next season will be very different from this one – whichever division we are in. I’d rather that business got done early so that we aren’t scrapping around after the season starts, so getting in someone quickly makes sense for a number of reasons.

    Time will tell if Adkins is the right man, on paper he seems like a good fit and I can see Johnnie Jackson taking over from him in ca three years and maybe Adkins moving into a director of football job. The only thing he’ll be judged on though are results – win a few games, get promotion and get established in the Championship ahead of a push back to the prem and he will have succeeded.

    March 19, 2021
  7. Wonder years #

    Patience is the key . This is a business world we are in now , CAFC can be ManC in 3 years and Chelski etc . A big thank you to our new owner to provide stability . We have to cut our cloth accordingly . Expected us to score 2 today and keep a clean sheet . Shame they scored 2 as well . Adkins out . The whole back room staff are grooming JJ and NA is the perfect experienced coach to guide JJ in the right direction . As I mentioned before so important to keep Gallen quality and can spot talent. The football community know that . Shame Brummies lost 3-0; today . We can give Bow our best when we pass them going back to the championship . Always positive , up the addicks

    March 20, 2021

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