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New role for Gallen. Roddy ‘resigns’

Happy Christmas Eve all, and a busy Charlton news day it was too.

Ged Roddy had become a bit of cult figure amongst Addicks’ fans, not for anything that he’d particularly done, but for what he had supposed to have done. He gave one early interview when he came across as knowledgeable and excited about the role, but ever since whispers of his baneful operating style out-noised any responses from the man himself.

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Sustainable transfer vision

From someone who was asking for some leadership commentary on our transfer strategy through the silence leading up to the deadline, it would be amiss of me if I wasn’t to praise the article yesterday with included insight from Sandgaard, Roddy, Gallen and Adkins.

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A week is a long time in football

As someone once said.

It is now a week until D Day, and I’m content, or at least accepting, that the club will require every minute of that whole week to make signings. It’s the way the window appears to work and the expectation is that the final day, hours and minutes of this summer’s will be extra chaotic.

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Nigel Adkins

Lots of negativity around the selection of Nigel Adkins. Aspirations of Eddie Howe and Chris Wilder were fanciful, and although Thomas has a few bob he is not a Russian oligarch, and last time I looked we are in the 3rd Division.

Sure, I was underwhelmed too, but unless it’s Karel Fraeye, then judging a manager before a ball is kicked is a little premature.

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Danny Murphy new head physio

Let’s hope Mrs Murphy, if there is one, is okay with the bright lights of SE7 and SE9, unlike his namesake, according to urban legend anyhow.

Welcome back to Danny Murphy, appointed today as Charlton’s first team’s Head Physiotherapist.

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Hot Toddy

Sorry Roddy.

I understand it’s getting a bit cold in the homestead (22C here today☀️), but the half hour plus interview with Charlton’s new Technical Director will warm your soul, just like Olly’s with Steve Gallen did last week. The interview with Ged Roddy is below.

Roddy comes across as insightful, informed, passionate and warm. Another big sign that the club under Thomas Sandgaard’s leadership is shaking the shit of it’s proverbial shoe left by the previous crooks and knuckleheads.

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Medical team cut

The medical team at Sparrows Lane have long been scrutinized by Addicks’ fans and it was known privately that Lee Bowyer has been unhappy with our history of injuries and wanted to see changes.

There was zero budget previously to change or upgrade the medical team, but last week as part of Ged Roddy’s drains up review of all things off the pitch the head of medical services, Alastair Thrush lost his job.

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Ged Roddy appointed as Technical Director

Possibly the first long term visionary move the football club have made in a decade. Thomas Sandgaard has hired Ged Roddy as the club’s Technical Director.

Roddy has a very impressive CV, and this role points to future plans and ambitions that Sandgaard has. The Dane has said he will be the only director of the club, which put a little bit of concern in my head bearing in mind where he lives and being CEO of a $80m company and growing.

Yet, the key is to surround yourself with good people, build a trusted and connected team, and establish a plan and a strategy, and keep as close to it as possible.

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