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AFC Wimbledon 2 Charlton Athletic 2

And repeat.

That was different wasn’t it? Let me just put this here ⤵️

“Plenty of huff and puff, the occasional bum off the seat moment, more hands over the eyes moments, saw plenty of the ball, but were sloppy and showed no real goal threat, and then there was another defensive lapse costing a goal.”

That’s what I wrote last Saturday.

The 4-3-3 with Millar and DJ outside of Stockley after Washington was taken off on 5 minutes was threatening and at times quite exciting, although often Gunter and Maatsen were a hindrance, but with JFC and Morgan pulling strings and looking to move the ball quickly the 1st half was fairly satisfying.

That is until we have to defend.

2nd half we started brightly but for the millionth time a team at the bottom of the table out-thought, out-fought and out-played us. The Dons in their new stadium thoroughly deserved their point and possibly should have won it.

Whether Adkins was purposely trying different ideas during the 2nd half I don’t know but players and formations were all over the shop.

Someone who wasn’t all over the shop was Ronnie Schwartz. I don’t think he touched the ball. He may be living in a foreign country on his own without his pregnant partner, but just checking here…. He is a professional footballer isn’t he?

I hope Thomas can pick a manager better than a player.

Nigel Adkins: “It’s good to see how people deal with the pressures of the game. It was very frantic. I’d like to see the team have a lot more controlled possession of the game, rather than it be end to end. I’ve got a chance to watch the game back now, reflect on it and learn from it – to see how we improve moving forward.”
Photo credit: Paul Edwards

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  1. Mike #

    No comment CA as you have said it all, so will wait until after Doncaster game, apart from how is Ronnie even on the subs bench! He has hardly touched the ball in any game he has played, with the last two being Zero!
    You might as well stick a scarecrow up there as at least the ball might actually hit him!

    March 21, 2021
  2. Norfolk Red #

    This season can’t finish soon enough for me. It is painful to watch at times. With 10 minutes plus injury time to play and DJ replaced by Ronnie up front with Stockley & Aneke, who exactly was expected to supply a service to them? As for the defence, if Purrington and Matthews are both fit then they should be first choice fullbacks. Both make far too many mistakes. At least you can say Maatsen is young and still learning but Gunter is stealing a living! Until there is a major overhaul of the squad we will continue to see such error ridden performances. The only saving grace is that Charlton is not threatened with relegation but without an overhaul of the squad that’s what Charlton is facing next season make no mistake (no pun intended). As for Ronnie, the total lack of effort/movement is inexcusable at any level. He should hang his head in shame.

    March 21, 2021
  3. KeithSearle #

    Until you mentioned it I had actually forgotten Schwartz came on. It wasn’t that he didn’t do anything. He was invisible and that is the second time I have thought that. He seems to have no presence. I do hope however Adkins can get something out of him.

    March 21, 2021
  4. fatbloke60 #

    What a week that was LB leaving,winning under JJ, new manager installed very quickly, with NA taking charge for the Wimbledon match,BUT nothing changes it’s another 2pts dropped, I can count in total approximately 10 to 14 puts dropped this season to unforced errors and bad defensive mistakes,we can only look forward to the season finishing and once again a complete overall of the playing staff.The big problem is that this happens every year and we are no better off I do not see the crowds flocking back to watch this every week

    March 21, 2021
  5. fatbloke60 #

    Sorry meant points not puts 😂

    March 21, 2021
  6. Mark #

    CA, as ever you have eloquently put your finger right on the pulse – same old, same old……

    In the first half we had Wimbledon on the run – well, mostly – until defensive errors let them back into the game.

    Using the wings, particularly down the left, to such good and devastating effect, was the answer to putting the home team out of the game long before half time. But no, Adkins continual tinkering, to the degree that he out-tinkered the Tinkerman, and if I was confused watching, it was no surprise that some of the players were as well!
    Wimbledon couldn’t believe their luck….

    Whereas Bow didn’t change things enough, Adkins went totally overboard. Ok, losing Washington after a few minutes didn’t help, but that initial change worked…. it had the Dons on the run but we let them off the hook.

    The defence – if you can call it that – is enough to give a ghost nightmares… That must be a priority.
    As for Ronnie-boy, well…. out of his depth doesn’t even come close to describing him. Haven’t we had enough of Duchatalet bringing in his ‘favourite’ players without Sandgaard trying the same trick? Owners should let managers manage and not bring in fellow-countrymen who simply just aren’t up to the job. He can go back to Denmark tomorrow as far as I’m concerned and let one of the Academy youngsters take his place on the bench.

    This season is kaput now – Adkins needs to look at the kids and if there are any worthy of trying out in the first team give them a go over the next 9 games. Next season is the new priority,

    Adkins has a way to go to win me over I’m afraid….. Like ‘Gobby’ before him (and most Scousers…), he talks the talk, but he has yet to prove that he can walk the walk in SE7 and he can forget his glory days at St Mary’s, they are long gone, it’s what he does now that counts as far as the fans are concerned.

    March 21, 2021
  7. David Evans #

    Chris Gunter has now gone away with the Wales team, so I do hope he stays there. No value to CAFC. Famewo not the same since his injury. Old Pearcey is doing his best surrounded by dead-wood. COYR.

    March 22, 2021
  8. rierti #

    Must give younger players a chance, I understand NA will watch the U23 game at Coventry let’s hope he spots somebody worthy of at least a place on the subs bench. Gunter has been extremely disappointing and was at Reading with NA so lets hope there is no favouritism, if Matthews is injured give Barker a chance to show what he can do. I will say it again Davison should have stayed and used regularly from the bench although not the finished article he gives everything, last year Hemed was preferred and this year Schwarz who both impersonate statues. TS got it wrong and should leave player recruitment to the management. As I have also said before I hate playing out from the back even Premiership clubs mess it up. I wish that the change in the law had not happened I can’t see the benefit especially at our level.

    March 22, 2021
  9. howard lambie #

    At least we couldn’t blame Naby for that cockup! Agree with CA’s summary. Why can we all see how effective two wingers were but then management changed it?

    March 22, 2021

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