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Nigel Adkins confirmed as new manager

The bookies and a few ears to the ground Addicks were speaking Nigel Adkins name yesterday afternoon.

After a whole range of candidates were thrown against the wall initially and then a clamour for Johnnie Jackson to at least see out the season, Adkins has today been appointed as Charlton’s new manager on a two and a half year contract.

Thomas Sandgaard said: “I believe Nigel is the perfect personality, with the perfect background and the perfect experience to get us to where we want to be. Both Nigel and I want us to playing football in the Premier League and I can’t wait to see us there.”

More here.

And more of my thoughts later.

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  1. alex #

    Slightly underwhelmed.
    Was a great chance to have made a statement, Would not now be at all surprised if JJ and Gallen left in the Summer.

    March 18, 2021
  2. Norfolk Red #


    March 18, 2021
  3. Paul NW #

    Why was he out of management for two years and why only short spells at Sheffield United and Hull?

    March 18, 2021
  4. Ken #

    Indeed. During yesterday, Skybet suddenly slashed the odds of Nigel Adkins being appointed to 1/6. Let’s face it, we have had far worse managers appointed in recent years, but I remain disappointed Jacko wasn’t handed the riens until the end of the season. I expect Lee Bowyer will now be looking to have him with him at Brum.

    March 18, 2021
    • Jacko has been confirmed as Adkins assistant.

      March 18, 2021
      • Ken #

        Thanks CA. Good to know Jacko is staying with us.

        March 18, 2021
  5. Mike #

    Sorry but this doesn’t inspire me at all, it looks more like a sudden rush job, as the Cowleys had already accepted the Porstmouth job and maybe other quality managers like Eddie Howe weren’t interested or too expensive!
    Two and a half years contract for someone who has been out the game for over 2 years, where his last appointment with Hull gave him just 26 wins from 78 games! His overall percenatge of wins of just 42% in his whole managers carrear doesn’t impress well either! Was Sangaard just impressed with his talking of a good game, as his fame at Southampton was long ago!
    Portsmouth have only given the Cowley’s a short term contract until the end of the year and they have a far superior track record and win ratio, albeit none in the premier league. So why on earth give Adkins a long term contract, as he would have jumped at the chance just to manage Charlton until the end of this season, as no one else has ever come in for him, since hes been out of work!!! Then Sangaard could have reviewed the situation.
    The only good news is it seems Jackson will be staying as assistant manager, but could well see him leaving at the end of the season if Birmingham stay up and it it all goes tits up for Adkins.
    I sincerely hope I’m wrong, but with this appointment it doesn’t exactly look like planning for the long term future!

    March 18, 2021
  6. David Evans #

    Richard Cawley has said that Jacko is staying on as assistant to Nigel Adkins. Let’s hope that is the case. COYR.

    March 18, 2021
  7. howard lambie #

    I understand you’re all a bit underwhelmed, I was myself, it’s a Charlton supporter’s trait, but link

    into this BBC site:

    Read the analysis and the comments at the end of the article.

    It might still turn out badly but lets give him and Jacko a chance.

    March 18, 2021
  8. Oligab #

    What a miserable bunch of comments ! I see this as a positive step and I am intrigued to see how we will play . I think we have pretty decent players for this level but something has definitely been missing especially at the Valley where we seem to play as individuals and not a team .

    March 18, 2021
  9. alex #

    Penny to a pound JJ and/or Gallen are gone in the Summer.
    The more I read, the more underwhelmed I become.

    March 18, 2021
  10. fatbloke60 #

    I am lost for words,this experience I called for is of years ago, not a futuristic appointment,lacks today’s “bright looking to the future picture “ who has had TS been talking and listening too.Where is the somebody we were told was going to lead us with youth,forward thinking ideals for the future,NA must be thinking he has won the lottery to get a 2year plus contract
    What a week this is turning out to be, I am lost for words, I cannot see this being the right result for the future of the club,very disappointed

    March 18, 2021
  11. Wonder years #

    Calm down , calm down . This is a good appointment and with Jacko staying on as number 2 this will work out nicely . 0-2 on Saturday perfect start to the new campaign .

    March 18, 2021
  12. rierti #

    I sense the influence of Ged Roddy in this appointment (i.e. the Reading connection) at least we will be free of LB’s abrasive criticism of certain players NA will be more measured in his post match comments. Great news that JJ is staying he deserves credit for the Bristol Rovers result.

    March 18, 2021
  13. Mike #

    Read this article, some interesting reading.

    Adkins has only really been successful in the Championship with Southampton but struggled when he got them into the premiership so got sacked. He then went to Reading who were in the Premiership, they got relegated and he got sacked again. He then went to Sheffield Utd who were in League 1 but were looking for promotion to the Championship but they were dismal and finished in their lowest postion since 1984, so he was sacked again. Then went to Hull who were 20th in the league fighting relegation and managed to keep them up by finishing 18th and then finished a bit better next year 13th!

    As Sangaard has implied he wants a manager who can take us to the Premiership, Adkins latest records, apart from two seasons with Southampton doesn’t look very good on anyones CV of his time as a manager in the Championship &/or the Premiership!

    So did Sangaard’s advisor actually really do some real full checks on Adkins recent past history or was it an old pals act to recommend him, No names mentioned!

    There are several other managers currently unemployed with far better track records, including the Cowleys, which will look quite sad, if they were to get Portsmouth promoted, at our expense!

    March 18, 2021
  14. wonder years #

    To reiterate my earlier comment, lets get behind the new manager. Negative comments before we have even kicked a ball , why ? I concur he will struggle in the Premier but if he gets us there , no further comment necessary. Hence the 2 1/2 year contract to give him a chance. JJ staying and we need to keep Gallen . These guys are not stupid if they think the new manager is not up for the task ahead. I remember very well how we were moaning we were not pushing for Europe when we maintained our Premier status , me certainly not included in the moaning camp . Then look what happened . He did very well with Scunthorpe also . He likes to play football and supports the academy development and bringing the younger players through. He also keeps his mouth shut and does not publicly criticize his players. Up the Addick’s , good appointment.

    March 18, 2021

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