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Medical team cut

The medical team at Sparrows Lane have long been scrutinized by Addicks’ fans and it was known privately that Lee Bowyer has been unhappy with our history of injuries and wanted to see changes.

There was zero budget previously to change or upgrade the medical team, but last week as part of Ged Roddy’s drains up review of all things off the pitch the head of medical services, Alastair Thrush lost his job.

The announcement was a little scarce of actual words, and no one wants to see people lose their job, but we can’t be surprised that Ged Roddy has made his first operational changes in this department.

I’m no doctor but our injury record is atrocious, but in the interest of fairness, when you bring players in that are either unfit, or with a history of injuries, with zero finances and not one person in authority who gives an iota (the coaching staff aside), then you get, as they say, what you pay for.

Good luck to Alastair in the future, but if there is a better person or persons, we should go and get them. Injuries add to the fine margins of winning and losing, and this season we have already seen more players injured across the leagues due to there being hardly any pre-season and the continuous parade of games.

The club lists no one now in a medical capacity on the OS, but Bowyer had praised Danny Murphy’s work in recent weeks, and I wonder if he is still there?

Congratulations to Ben Amos on his Player of the Month award for October. He has been brilliant since the season started.

The First Touch Games partnership announced this week peaked my interest. This is the space the recently appointed Wayne Mumford knows well following his work with the All Football app. Sandgaard I am sure will continue to rebuild the foundations underneath the football side of things and Mumford like Ged Roddy are key parts of the jigsaw.

Lastly, I’d encourage anyone who hasn’t seen it yet to watch the Steve Gallen interview now it is available to all on the Official Site. It’s 38 minutes of Addicks goodness. Gallen only accentuates his reputation as he talks with intelligence, passion and humour about the year so far. We are so lucky up have him.

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  1. Is that the same Danny Murphy who refused to play after we gave him a way back and he got the first sniff off some interest?

    November 15, 2020
  2. rierti #

    The injury situation over the last few years has been a major problem at all levels in the club.
    As somebody who follows the U18s and U23s as well as the first team this season has been very frustrating as not being able to attend U18/23s has meant that some of the promising younger players who have not been seen or mentioned in reports may be injured or have left the club. There has been no opportunity to ask the coaches about the status of Euan Williams, Seydil Toure and French.

    November 16, 2020
  3. So glad you mentioned the Steve Gallen interview. All Charlton supporters should watch it; they will love it. Shows what goes on behind the scenes. Steve Gallen seems a great bloke. Proper Charlton!

    November 16, 2020

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