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Turn for the worse

If at all possible!

Looks as if Tahnoon Nimer has got the access to the Official Site, and following on from last night’s virtual ‘board meeting’ the Syrian has told us he’s removed Southall and Heller and appointed two Romanians to the ESI board. One name we have heard before in recent days Claudiu Florica, cleared on a technicality from a bribery and corruption case when at Microsoft and friend of Nimer. The other board member is sports and aviation lawyer Marian Mihail.

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Another day, more confusion

Like a drunken and beaten heavyweight fighter slumped on the ropes, Matt Southall took to Twitter today in an attempt to lay one last punch. Jonathan Heller, an apparent turncoat, in his corner dabbing Southall’s bruises co-signed the letter on Charlton Athletic headed paper. Not surprisingly the Official Site did not carry the statement.

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What a week. What happens next?

What an extraordinary week, unprecedented since the war years, or possibly 9/11 and 7/7, in my lifetime. The week moved quickly didn’t it. The Coronavirus moving across the world like a tidal wave, changing the way we live our lives almost instantly.

Then we just shake our heads at the farcical but possibly ruinous saga going on at Charlton. From whispers to chaos to realization in the space of a week.

The world’s markets crashed taking savings and pensions with them. Then this week I had my own personal work development, which will be transformational and unsettling at the same time.

Brexit…. All is forgiven.

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Nimer fights back

What we do know of HE Tahnoon Nimer is that he is a little excitable, not polished, and with English not his first language, that voice note was a result of a man clearly fired up.

But who here is the fantasist, the liar, the trickster?

Southall issued another statement this morning saying they have accepted HE Tahnoon Numer’s resignation. That was followed by a much more thorough and detailed account from Nimer, which tells a very different story, and a fuller one that Southall is sharing.

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ESI takeover in shreds as Tahnoon Nimer pulls out

Chaos reigns again tonight after HE Tahnoon Nimer announced on social media to fans that he is pulling out of his Charlton investment. He has blamed Matt Southall and the senior management, which is really only Southall and Jonathan Heller of repatriating money for their own good. The voice note is something else. Listen here.

Later on the OS, Southall issued a statement saying that a letter was received today from Tahnoon Nimer which is in the hands of his lawyers for whom he will discuss what actions to take. Threats have been made to other members of the club’s senior management, about what who knows as East Street Investments morphs into a school playground squabble.

The supposed majority owner of Charlton was pictured outside Dinamo Bucharest on Saturday whilst we were losing to Middlesbrough.

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Matt Southall first impressions

Matt Southall had already shown more compassion and humility in a few weeks than Roland Duchatelet did in 6 years. He was clearly humbled by the welcome he got when he first walked into fans at the Sheffield Wednesday game.

Southall has done his Addicks research, but he is soon finding out that he has only scratched the surface of what a power house of joint forces of boardroom, coaching staff, players and fans can make.

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ESI takeover completed

Get in!! Happy New Year Addicks 😁

The club have confirmed that the takeover of Charlton Athletic by East Street Investments (ESI) has been completed.

What a way to start the new decade, and I loving some of the words from Matt Southall, and although time will tell, he has already shown great commitment and understanding to what it means to be an Addick.

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No Black Friday as Duchatelet sells

I’m on my 4th expresso, but I’m still rubbing my eyes at the statement on the club website.

“We are proud and delighted to announce East Street Investments have agreed the purchase of Charlton Athletic Football Club.”

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