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Games suspended for 3 weeks

Unprecedented but not unexpected the Premier League and EFL have suspended all football down to the National League until April 3rd.. at the earliest.

Selfishly with all that has gone on with us this week, allowing the players to take a breather and the club to settle down a bit is much welcome, although I don’t mean to downplay the severity of the Coronavirus situation.

Whilst in three weeks this situation will surely worsen, I feel for the authorities as there try to navigate their way through this. Potentially football and all other sport may be suspended until COVID-19 reaches it’s peak, which is 3 months. That takes us to June with clubs still having 9-10 games left.

But of course Sky will decide what happens..

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  1. Yes, very worrying and surely if the remaining games are not played surely as of today’s date and not fair on the top 2 in the Championship and you can not determine who is relegated from all the leagues and surely can not be on current positions.
    Is it fair for instance that one club and first been in the last relegated position get relegated? we shall see in due course

    March 13, 2020
  2. Shadow Play #

    Suspended just as we hit the fun zone part of the season…I can’t see that with so many unresolved issues surrounding relegation and promotion that the season will just end with teams going up/down on where they currently sit in the table. If the FAPL/EFL enforce this I foresee legal bills and law suits flying around like confetti. So my bet is that when football resumes it will be behind closed doors for the remainder of the season, that’s only nine matches and can be made up with two games a week. It might mean that the FA Cup is cancelled though and probably also the Euros. And yes given our interesting week we have a month or so to resolve the ownership situation so the timing has benefited us.

    The decision to suspend football is though the correct one – given the inter city/town nature of the game having hundreds of thousands of people travelling all over the country following their team or going into pubs is just madness and asking for the virus to spread. The football governing bodies get a lot of deserved grief but they deserve some kudos for this decision.

    March 14, 2020
  3. confidential rick #

    Agree SP, especially as the governing bodies must be under pressure from the betting companies who will be losing massive amounts of cash as well as HMRC losing betting levy money. And as we know from recent events at Charlton, money in football doesn’t just talk, it shouts !

    March 14, 2020

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