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Season tickets. Why would you?

Who knows what marketing brains trust at CAFC decided last week to announce that if the potential takeover doesn’t happen by tomorrow then the club will put the 2018/19 season tickets on sale. Meantime they will put their feet on their desk and wait and watch it being finalized. The Charlton takeover soap opera longer than Emmerdale Farm.

Why even make that prouncement, and does anyone have a scooby about what is going on. The intelligence and competence of those left in charge should be reason enough not to part with your hard earned money and buy a season ticket upfront for next season.

It will be interesting to see how the club even price next year’s tickets let alone try to market them. Give me one good reason why any sane Charlton fan should buy one now. We have no CEO, CFO, board of directors or permanent manager and an owner who wants to sell the club, but only if someone is willing to clear all of the debt he has loaded on us plus a premium. Real estate in Syria looks more of a bargain.

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  1. Too right. There will still be those on limited funds for whom an early bird offer is the only way they can realistically afford to watch us regularly and we should condone those. Unfortunately there will also be the ‘I don’t want to lose my seat’ brigade. However ridiculous that notion – no-one else is going to buy it – they always come out of the woodwork. The rest of us should be prepared to hang on and not give our cash to the greedy billionaire who has ruined our club.

    April 12, 2018
  2. Simon Jones #

    With his protracted and typically tosserish behaviour in the take over he is already doing his usual trick of wrecking our preparations for next season. You can almost hear his tiny brain wheel spinning, upping the price with the prospect of potential promotion. Sorry, but like the rest of you I’ve had enough of the dickhead.

    April 12, 2018

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