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The 2017 Shower Gellies™

I have literally made this my life’s work. For the 11th year I again scoured hotel showers around the globe testing bathing products, and yes ladies and gentlemen, it’s that time again to present my Annual Chicago Addick Gellies™ which for maximum publicity I coincide with those lesser known 90th Academy Awards taking place in a shiny theatre somewhere in LA.

Those that have suffered this Blog for a long time know that I have a bit of an obsession with hotel shower gel products, or more specifically, the lack of them, and no one is more surprised than me to think I’ve dragged this ridiculousness out for a over a decade.

But there is a seriousness to all of this as hotels, even the high end ones, look to eek out non-money making amenities from their rooms such as toiletries even though quantity and quality of such are always high on the list of a savvy travellers’ priorities. This was more obvious to me than ever before last year as many of the hotels rooms I stayed in had either no shower gel at all, or the smallest quantum’s known to man.

Anyway while over in Hollywood there is all kinds of razzmatazz and #metoo going on, here at the Chicago Addick Theatre, we keep it short and sweet. No brouhaha, no red carpet, but there will be bubbles, well a few, catch them if you can.

So with no further ado, it is my honour to present my 11th annual winners of the Chicago Addick Shower Gellies™:

The ‘Shower Gel Heaven’ Award Winner is: 1 Hotel, South Beach, Florida
Bottomless heavenly smelling goodness from a hotel brand that prides itself on everything being natural. One of a kind.

Website: 1 Hotel South Beach

The ‘You Charge How Much a Night, and This Is It’ Award Winner is: Ritz Carlton Bachelor Gulch, Colorado
Stunning hotel in the mountains of Colorado, which omits to give it’s tired skiers and snowboarders any shower gel. More chance of getting a St Bernard to the room from the reception than a small bottle of radox.

Website: Ritz Carlton Bachelor Gulch

Other unhonourable mentions: Ritz Carlton, Sarasota; The Wynn, Las Vegas;

The ‘Showering In Fresh Air’ Award goes to: Hilton Bonnet Creek, Orlando
A hotel made for conferences and ease of visiting the nearby Disney Parks, but not a simple shower. Just a small shampoo vial for company in a lukewarm shower.

Website: Hilton Bonnet Creek

Other unhonourable mentions: Hilton JFK Airport; Westin Sarasota; Brookshire Suites, Baltimore;

Previous years winners:  

2006; 2007; 20082009; 2010; 2011; 2012;  2013; 2104; 2015; 2016

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  1. Every year I eagerly await your awards, not expecting anyone to beat the one tiny bar of soap per person that we provide. And I’m never disappointed, unlike a couple of Pineapple Guesthouse reviewers this year who have complained about our like of toiletries. Well, I’ll tell them to go and stay at the 1 Hotel South Beach if they want more than my crappy Makro-mass-produced product.

    Actually, next year it is our plan to provide shampoo and shower gel from dispensers. Bugger the expense!

    March 4, 2018
    • Knew I could rely on you to take part in the hotel shower gel debate 😉

      Those wall dispensers are surely more cost effective? And you will get clean smelling guests. Just don’t liquidize the Makro soaps and put it in the dispensers!

      Hope you are well mate.

      March 4, 2018
      • I once had to kick a guest out because other guests were complaining of his BO. This was in the dorm and a couple of dispensers in there will definitely be welcomed!

        All good here. In London for two weeks in April, just after Easter. When are you back next?

        March 4, 2018
        • I’m thinking middle of April too. Looking at Scunny game..

          March 4, 2018
          • I’ll be at the Scunny game. Let me know if you are over at that time.

            March 4, 2018
          • Will do Steve.

            March 4, 2018

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