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The 2016 Shower Gellies™

For the 10th consecutive year I am proud to present my Chicago Addick Gellies™ which for maximum publicity I coincide with those lesser known 89th Academy Awards. Those shower gel aficionados amongst you will know that I bang on about this subject close to my heart on a regular basis, and no one is more surprised than me to think I’ve dragged this ridiculousness out for a decade.

Anyway while over in Hollywood there is all kinds of razzmatazz going on, here at the Chicago Add ick Theatre, we keep it short and sweet. No brouhaha, no red carpet, but there will be bubbles, lots of them, but be careful not to get it in your eyes!

Since this time last year I have put my head down in 29 different hotels, and from memory I bathed in all of them. Other than the honeymooners in the next room, what is worse than stood in the shower naked and wet and reaching out to where you’d expect the shampoo and shower gel to be and finding some sandpaper like soap or some awful smelling liquid in a container as big as a pill box?

Correct. Nothing, so like any other normal person I keep a log of all of my hotel shower gel experiences. It’s not me that’s weird pal!

And whilst many things can get my goat when staying in a hotel – hard beds, lumpy pillows, thin walls, valet rip off, the cost of WiFi, the long list of taxes and fees upon check out, paying through the nose for bottles of water and mini bar items and blinds that don’t close, nothing sickens me more than getting in a shower and seeing the tiniest of tiny plastic capsule of shower gel.

So on that note, it is my honour to present my 10th annual winners of the Chicago Addick Shower Gellies™:

The ‘Shower Gel Heaven’ Award Winner is: Le Germain, Toronto
Those Canadians eh. Maple syrup, poutine, caribou, Justin Bieber and the most divine shower gel that blessed my body last year. There was more Molton Brown in that cool shower than you could shake a hockey stick at. Thank you Canada.

Website: Le Germain

The ‘More Bubbles Than a Bottle of Fairy Liquid Squeezed into a Water Fountain’ Award Winner is: The Aloft, Sarasota
On first look it reminded me of the school shower. A large plastic container attached to the wall with a lock on it. Not appealing on first sight, but when squeezed gently out came a stream of jubbly bubbly goodness, and it would have lasted a month of bath filled Sunday’s.

Website: Aloft, Sarasota

The ‘You Charge How Much a Night, and This Is It’ Award Winner is: The Quin, New York
First class mid town Manhattan hotel oozing class and cool. The bedroom’s offer stylish design and luxury until you step in the shower and are met by a measly vial of label-less liquid with an ounce of shower gel. Calls for extra went unheaded. Well guess what Quin, don’t mess with a weird bloke who writes about shower gel!

Website: The Quin

The ‘Showering In Fresh Air’ Award goes to: Royal Sonesta Inner Harbor, Baltimore
Another container on the shower wall but this one empty. Not even a thin dusty film across the bottom. Dry as a bone. Hey reception can you fill up my shower gel container. Non comprende. Big fail.

Website: Royal Sonesta Inner Harbor

Previous years winners:  

2006; 2007; 20082009; 2010; 2011; 2012;  2013; 2104; 2015

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