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The 2011 Shower Gellies™

The Academy Awards are tonight, and as is traditional I will guide you through my annual Chicago Addick Shower Gellies™. If you have just tuned in, then unfortunately you have missed the red carpet.

Now don’t log off, this is the sort of thing that keeps me up at night. I stayed in 25 hotels in 2011, that is one every other week, and I can’t tell you how pissed off I get when hotels charge the weekly wage of a journeyman League One footballer have beds that are like sleeping on big white fluffy clouds with 46 pillows and showers that are glass encased tardises yet expect you to bathe with a thimble of watery liquid, that’s if you are lucky.

For me hotels distinguish themselves by the quantity and quality of their shower gel. I know, I am a little strange. So, drum roll please, here are the winners of the 2011 Chicago Addick Shower Gellies™

The Shower Gel Heaven Award Winner is:
Little Nell, Aspen

Snow wasn’t the only thing is large supply at the Little Nell. The large bottles of deluxe shower gel reminded me of Christmas snow globes.

The What Do I Have To Do To Get Some More Shower Gel Around Here Award Winner is:
The Allegria, Long Beach, New York

This too trendy for it’s own good hotel on Long Beach’s boardwalk was more worried about it’s appearance than supplementing the miserly portions of shower lotions in their rooms.

The Bar Of Fresh Air Award Winner is:
Hilton Millennium, New York City

Barren was the word. Just a small vial of shampoo for all of one’s abultions. I didn’t check but I expect the laundry department consisted of some carbolic soap and a mangle!

The What Did I Expect Award goes to:
Sanus Hotel, Magaluf, Majorca
No surprise here that there wasn’t a cleansing incidental in sight but a bed was all that was required on our boys 25th first holiday anniversery trip in September. A supply of aspirin was much more important than any shower gel anyhow.

Previous years winners: 2010; 2009; 2008; 2007; 2006.

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