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Baggy trousers

I didn’t really want to give this more oxygen, but the club have made it newsworthy.

Charlton have made a statement following the video The Sun released yesterday showing current and former Charlton players in various state of drunkenness and abusing Northern Irish team mates Mikhail Kennedy and Josh Magennis. If you want to, you can see the video here but be aware the language is shocking and Mother’s favourite Chris Solly you will never look at again in the same way.

Interestingly the video was filmed during an international break in October 2016 when Russell Slade was in charge, just a week after ex-CEO Katrien Meire wrote in the programme: “We know we made mistakes managerially. Everything is now in place with Russell to give us stability.”

She really was such a luminary. Slade was sacked a month later and it was a real low time for Addicks’ fans.

Of course footballers being thick is not breaking news, but the video was embarrassing for those concerned and scummy. Unsurprising of course that Roger Johnson was at the centre of it.

What is upsetting, is that little bout of footballer’s banter undoes and belittles the tremendous and inspiring work of those involved in the Academy and with CACT.

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  1. Bob Miller #

    The lads out on the town, having a few pints and a few laughs, giving each other the gears and all that is just fine! However, these guys were not being funny, were profane, vulgar and mean-spirited and obviously totally hammered, which in itself, given proper circumstances is not necessarily the worst thing in the world. Like you, I always thought highly of Chris Solly. Not so sure anymore. You have to wonder the rationale on who did the smart phone filming and decided to release it to the media. It had to be a Charlton player, but why?

    March 7, 2018
    • Good question Bob. It was a private whats app group. Who suddenly gave it to the sun and why? And if it was one of Phillips, Solly or Lennon then how does that go down in the dressing room?

      March 8, 2018
  2. Shadow Play #

    I’m in two minds over this – seen in daylight it looks more shocking than it was probably in real life. I see a group of friends making fun of each other over a few beers. I very much doubt that they were serious – at least I hope not, nevertheless being drunk, even during an international break, is not what you’d expect from athletes.

    March 7, 2018
    • I agree with that Shadow, and dressing rooms can be brutal places. Obviously Magennis and Kennedy bore no grudges and it was long forgotten, yet a professional footballer should have standards and they were pretty low here.

      March 8, 2018
  3. A new low. Utterly depressing.

    March 7, 2018

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