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Giving thanks

Whilst Americans are up early switching on ovens, plucking turkeys, shelling pecans and peeling pumpkins, I’ve arrived at my parents in East Sussex ready for a cup tea and a bourbon.

My company is of American descent, not quite as far back as the Pilgrims, but therefore we close the office tomorrow and today the place is as a quiet as a church full of mouses. So I’ve flown to London for a couple of days for a whirlwind whizz around to see family and mates. Maybe, perhaps, I might pop by SE7 on Saturday.

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Being thankful

The American’s are responsible for a lot of things – disposable nappies, the light bulb, mac & cheese, the computer (these are in no particular order) and of course Thanksgiving, once described by my old boss as a 4-day Sunday where all you can do is eat, drink and watch sport on TV, with no added pressure of buying anyone presents. God bless America and all that sailed in The Mayflower.

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Happy Thanksgiving Day

Happy Thanksgiving to my American friends.

Whereas using pumpkin in every recipe and sending your kids out onto the cold streets dressed as ghosts on October 31st and tomorrow queuing to get into Bluewater to buy a £100 telly has gleefully been embodied by Brits, sadly having a day off work, eating like you are never going to see food again, getting drunk with family and friends and watching football on television all day on the last Thursday of every November has not.
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Talking turkey

Happy Thanksgiving to all of my American readers. Remember if you’re deep frying a turkey today, to do it outside.

Bermuda doesn’t like to miss out on a holiday of course and we are shut tomorrow but working today, albeit it is as quiet as a church full of mice.
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Turkey day

Happy Turkey Day to all of my American friends and readers. As my old boss used to say Thanksgiving is like a four-day Sunday. You just eat, drink and watch sport on the telly for four days without any of hassle of having to buy presents for each other.

In honour, apologies honor, of my American friends I took today off work to do some bits and bobs around the house and flop in front of the television. The famous Macy’s Parade starts in a minute.

As someone pointed out to me the other day Bermuda observes almost every UK and USA holiday and just for good measure throw in another fair few themselves. Our office is shut tomorrow so I have myself my very own four day weekend. Nice.
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