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Turkey day

Happy Turkey Day to all of my American friends and readers. As my old boss used to say Thanksgiving is like a four-day Sunday. You just eat, drink and watch sport on the telly for four days without any of hassle of having to buy presents for each other.

In honour, apologies honor, of my American friends I took today off work to do some bits and bobs around the house and flop in front of the television. The famous Macy’s Parade starts in a minute.

As someone pointed out to me the other day Bermuda observes almost every UK and USA holiday and just for good measure throw in another fair few themselves. Our office is shut tomorrow so I have myself my very own four day weekend. Nice.

My first few years in Chicago I would use the long Thanksgiving weekends to fly back home, but the last couple we would stay and join everyone else in a complete food coma and I miss not being in the States this weekend, although we will be in New York next weekend for a bit of Christmas shopping.

Update: Bernard Matthews dies aged 80 on Thanksgiving Day, the day 45 million turkeys are eaten. How ironic the American’s wouldn’t say!

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