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Being thankful

The American’s are responsible for a lot of things – disposable nappies, the light bulb, mac & cheese, the computer (these are in no particular order) and of course Thanksgiving, once described by my old boss as a 4-day Sunday where all you can do is eat, drink and watch sport on TV, with no added pressure of buying anyone presents. God bless America and all that sailed in The Mayflower.

Bermuda is pretty adept at jumping on all kinds of bandwagons, including national holidays. There’s no loss of pride here and we accept British ones, American ones and a variety of our own, often changing them at a moment’s notice. Actually Thanksgiving is not observed by the island, although it is noticeably quiet as American expat families head home for the long weekend. However my (London domiciled) American company means that our office observes Turkey day but sensibly my boss long ago chose Friday to shut the office and with the whole of America off, today the office is dead.

We have a quiet weekend planned, I have promised to take the other half to lunch tomorrow whilst the little ‘un is at school and the weekend will see plenty of chill time and possibly some turkey and sport on the box.

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