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Overcoming Wednesday night is going to take me a while. Still not ready to talk about it. One of the Dad’s at the pool last night (my daughter was in a swim meet) got a few words out of me on the subject, he’s a staunch Villa fan, so has his own personal affliction, but this has been a harrowing few days.

Whilst this relegation was as unnecessary as the last one in 2016 at least that day thousands of Addicks could take to the pitch to express their anger. This time we were stuck at bloody home. Helpless. Hopeless. Powerless.

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Oh look. A new pronouncement from our leader.

The old bugger escaped from his ward again this afternoon and managed to crank open the charge nurse’s typewriter.

No…. not a well done message to Lee Bowyer for our very encouraging start, or to the noisy Addicks in the big crowd on Saturday. Or to explain how he supported the manager in the transfer window, even though it meant selling another Premier League star of the future. Not even a pat on his own back by telling the story of turning down Brentford’s seven offers for Lyle Taylor.

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Basically all our fault then


Roland Duchatelet’s interview today with Jim White on talkSPORT started rather sedentary, but by the end of it will have had the vast majority of Charlton fan’s blood boiling.

The man is an out and liar and a grade one delusional fool. If you haven’t listened then click the link but make sure the cat is outside and you are close to a strong drink.

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Time to unite and protest before it is too late

It is now time to unify and take our protestations against Roland Duchatelet and his utter mismanagement of OUR football club to a new level.

For many months, and in fact since Duchatelet bought the club nearly two years ago, there has been much division amongst the supporters, more than at any time in at least the previous 50 years, which has only helped Duchatelet and Meire continue their arrogant and systematic destruction of everything Charlton Athletic stands for.

But even now the most ardent Duchatelet apologists or understandably those Addicks who didn’t concern themselves with what goes on off the pitch, must now have no doubt where this ruinous occupation of OUR club is going.
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Rick Everitt

The ‘new broom’ continues to sweep our club of some of the most influential people in Charlton Athletic’s recent history. Men that objectively question the new owners’ policies are being kicked out of the door one by one. We may have got our Charlton back on the pitch but in the boardroom it is a Charlton that we don’t know.

It has become apparent that Rick Everitt was sacked by the club’s owners over the weekend, maybe even before the Palace game on Friday night, ironic when you consider that he wrote an article in the match programme proclaiming our next football for a fiver game at home to Barnsley. One of the many supporter initiatives that was began by Rick.

More people will know and recognise Rick, then he will them. He was already a serial home and away traveller before he found himself as one of the most important characters in the ‘Back to The Valley’ movement. In those dark days of Selhurst, it was only people like Rick and the Voice of The Valley fanzine that kept some of us coming back.
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