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Time to unite and protest before it is too late

It is now time to unify and take our protestations against Roland Duchatelet and his utter mismanagement of OUR football club to a new level.

For many months, and in fact since Duchatelet bought the club nearly two years ago, there has been much division amongst the supporters, more than at any time in at least the previous 50 years, which has only helped Duchatelet and Meire continue their arrogant and systematic destruction of everything Charlton Athletic stands for.

But even now the most ardent Duchatelet apologists or understandably those Addicks who didn’t concern themselves with what goes on off the pitch, must now have no doubt where this ruinous occupation of OUR club is going.

Rick Everitt, so often a catalyst in bringing together the collective spirit and determination of our support, has written this piece today on the Voice of The Valley website. And I agree with every word.

The Spell it Out campaign has also called for Duchatelet, Meire and Fraeye to go. After almost two years of trying to find out the owner’s strategy, recent revelations tell us all we need to know about what plans the Belgians have for OUR club. The time for talk is over, it is time to reclaim OUR football club before they destroy it.

The Voice of The Valley is calling for a massive demonstration outside the west-stand reception and the boardroom after Saturday’s game, regardless of the result. Forget the politics and divisions, we need to unite behind a one hour-long protest, with one loud and clear message.

There are also massive calls across social media for a 2.30pm protest before the game behind the West Stand on Saturday. Do both, do whatever it takes, enough is enough.

In Rick’s words:

“If we don’t try then I believe we are betraying our club’s past as well as its future. For the Charlton Athletic that has been cherished and nurtured by generations of us in South East London, across Kent and beyond, is surely more than some absentee landlord’s plaything.

It falls to our generation to be the ones who must once again stand in the way of those whose incomprehensible antics may otherwise see it perish. We must stand – or sit – in their way this very weekend. January 23rd, when Blackburn Rovers visit, will be too late to get things done in the transfer window.

If we do not do so then we may have many years in which to rue the consequences.”

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  1. Chris #

    I’m a long time Charlton supporter, like many others and I resist making protests but I’m in despair at the way the club is heading…the majority of older (and maybe wiser ?) fans now feel enough is enough….the club I’ve cherished, loved and supported through both the good and bad times is now in a life or death situation.
    In the recent past we have become not only a laughing stock in the football world…new owner has resourced the club well but the team is woefully poor at present and having so many managers has de-stabilised both the players and supporters.
    I’m dismayed to read of Katrine’s comments about ‘not understanding why fans are passionate about their team’….We are ALL aware of how many good and talented people saved Charlton and brought us back to the Valley, and over the years have been ‘dismissed’.

    Wake up everyone and smell the coffee before we head into division 1 !!!!!
    I will be reluctantly protesting on Saturday to save the club I love.

    December 30, 2015
  2. CA Addick (California Addick) #

    My concern is that if the Varney story is true that appointment after appointment got cancelled they seem to have no interest in selling. They appear to be completely ignorant to what they have done(don’t you know as a stupid fan that we have improved the club every season….we know what we are doing, you are just stupid enough not to understand). In what business school is it taught to lie and cheat to your customers.

    Nothing surprises me about this ownership and management. Indeed KM SEEMS TO BE PROUD OF HER ACHIEVEMENTS.

    It will truly be interesting to see our slate of signings. What we know is that they won’t cost much as we are already over budget…

    I am sad to see what has happened from afar. Will be there in spirit on Saturday

    December 30, 2015
  3. Sam lloyd #

    I’ve been to every protest & will be there on Saturday it’s time for the 2% to stand up & be counted I just hope KM’s maths have improved !!

    December 30, 2015
  4. Big Pete #

    If we go down and gillingham come up as is looking entirely possible, there will be no recovery, and no return to full houses at the valley, especially with teams like brighton and crawley further reducing the catchment area we have to work with.
    RD has had two years to wake up and see the light, but there has been a litany of failed promises (of ambition) and silence.
    With an average manager tenure of in the region of 150 days, the lack of stability and the lack of visable support, along with the constant changes of playing staff, its no wonder the performances ahve been poor.
    Of the many candidates to take the helm of the sinking ship, the two that showed any promise Riga and Powell, i can only assume, sent packing as they asked for the resources, we all know the club needs to compete.
    The time has come, we need to see substantial funds spent in january with a commitment to more in the summer, and a proper manager appointed now, or RD needs to sell up and let people with genuine intrest in preserving the community athat is Charlton and its devoted, disenfranchised fans.
    If it is RM blocking the PV lead offer, he needs to get over himself and listen to what he has to say for the sake of the club they both support.

    December 30, 2015
  5. Phoenician Red #

    Apart from the protest before and after the match ,I would like to see plenty of big banners around the ground saying KF,KM&RD Out. Plain and simple and they would get the message throughout the match.

    December 30, 2015
  6. IGNORANCE, i.e lack of knowledge, coupled with ARROGANCE is a lethal combination and having people in charge who possess that combination is a sure-fire recipe for disaster. They have to get out or give their heads a HUGE collective shake. Pronto.

    December 30, 2015
    • Roger S #

      I had a very good Dutch friend who described their humour in relation to their Belgian neighbours was similar to our (politically non-PC) humour directed to our Irish friends. The only difference being they felt they behaved like mules and were stubborn. In these politically correct days what can I say but that KenJ is spot on – if you add Ignorance and arrogance together you get stubborn behaviour and that spells disaster looming I’m sorry to say. No season ticket for me next year at this rate.

      December 30, 2015

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