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Rick Everitt

The ‘new broom’ continues to sweep our club of some of the most influential people in Charlton Athletic’s recent history. Men that objectively question the new owners’ policies are being kicked out of the door one by one. We may have got our Charlton back on the pitch but in the boardroom it is a Charlton that we don’t know.

It has become apparent that Rick Everitt was sacked by the club’s owners over the weekend, maybe even before the Palace game on Friday night, ironic when you consider that he wrote an article in the match programme proclaiming our next football for a fiver game at home to Barnsley. One of the many supporter initiatives that was began by Rick.

More people will know and recognise Rick, then he will them. He was already a serial home and away traveller before he found himself as one of the most important characters in the ‘Back to The Valley’ movement. In those dark days of Selhurst, it was only people like Rick and the Voice of The Valley fanzine that kept some of us coming back.

Certainly for me as a teenager, it glued me even closer to the club. Addicks in those nomad days either became more fanatical or found other things to do on their Saturdays. It is such as fabric of our club that parents do themselves a disservice if what the likes of people like Rick and others did for our club are not passed onto today’s fans.

Now, Rick is not everyones cup of tea. Opinionated, argumentative, single-minded, controversial and politically active are all things that can be thrown at him. Yet, CAFC has been his life and he has been a extremely loyal servant to the club over many decades working for many different regimes, saving and raising significant sums of money from original ideas and damn hard work and vision.

Rick was always very honest and open in his assessments, maybe too much so, but I don’t think he ever crossed the line. Murray, Simons, Varney et al preferred him on the inside and recognised his value and vast knowledge and love of the club. Jimenez and Slater obviously didn’t.

Recent months have seen Peter Varney, Stephen Kavanagh and Rick Everitt depart the club, and anyone who continues to close their eyes to what is going on behind the scenes needs to take a look at themselves.

In the new tradition I don’t expect the club to officially comment on Everitt’s departure perhaps only a fluffy one paragraph statement in time. Equally I am sure Rick, an expert on employment law will for the time being be keeping close counsel.

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  1. Pat #

    HI Chicago – Got a new IT system at work so can’t get into blogsites so its harder to catch up with you!! Swines. But now I am horrified. I’m not burying my head in the sand with all this, but what can we, as fans, do? Like others I have been uneasy (never trust a solicitor) but have taken the policy of ‘wait and see’ – and I admit that all the time CP is in charge wild horses wouldn’t drag me away. As you know, I don’t look at other blogsites any more, and I don’t tweet (and if your headline about the Derby game which I haven’t fully read yet is anything to go by I’m right to stay away from social media when it comes to Charlton fans) – so I’m relying on you for a balanced view Chicago.
    Incidentally – I don’t have a problem with what I see on the pitch – keeping ridiculous expectations down is a plus in my book – this is a much harder division and I just want us to stay in it. I had a number of our players down as 3rd division players that wouldn’t cut it, and I’m prepared to be proved wrong and behind CP 100%.

    September 23, 2012
  2. Pat, nice to hear from you. If you get an opportunity then check out this website:

    As you know Charlton fans have a habit of being hard to knock down, especially when we put our minds and souls together. Keep the faith.

    September 23, 2012

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