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My 2020 Top Five Favourite Places

🔝5️⃣ Happy New Year to you all.

I’ve been doing my annual CA Top Fives for more than a decade, but there has never been a year like 2020.

There were always barriers to travel, whether self made, man made or natural forces, but never before was the world closed to exploration. For the ‘normal person’ anyhow. Who knows what the world looks like after the vaccination seizes control back from the virus and allows us to venture outside again, but all I know is I want to see it, old haunts, favourite spots, new places.

In saying that one of the small positives of being stuck at home in 2020 was more family time, and more time to actually spend with them on our own doorstep. Bermuda is hard not to appreciate, and if I include my home, then I actually can stretch to five places I spent some time in during this pandemic infected year.

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Getting high

Colorado bound and I will be as high as 5,500 feet tonight in the arty district of downtown Denver. Sunday dinner with a client, then a little bit of a lie in before a couple hours drive up the Rocky Mountains to Beaver Creek, which sits at 11,000 feet to embark on a week of skiing work.

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Mile high

After a journey that took 19 hours I made it to the city of Denver late last night. The steps of the State Capitol building are a mile above sea level giving the town its nickname.

The journey from Bermuda is already a hike, and then I got stuck at Miami airport as our plane was taken out of service due to mechanical reasons and we had to wait for another one, give the crew a break etc, and missed a connection in Dallas, blah blah..

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