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Two more added, three to go

Double figures now for new players. Yesterday Bowyer and Gallen added centre half Ryan Innis on a permanent deal from Crystal Palace and quickly on the back of that 18-year old Chelsea prospect Ian Maasten joined on loan.

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The whip round that Marian Mihail done to raise a few quid must have gone better than expected as their was enough over to send Lee Bowyer and his small squad – perhaps they are all sharing a room – to The Belfry for some much needed team bonding, and one would assume, golf.

Whilst they are in the Midlands the Addicks will also play Birmingham City in a pre-season friendly on Saturday at Wast Hills, the Blues training ground.

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Close call

Phew, that was a close call. My commiserations to both Crystal Palace and Millwall, but just as a reminder only one club from south east London has ever won the FA Cup.

Palace were pretty soporific against Watford, who were deserved winners. Can’t say the same about Millwall, who were deservedly two goals ahead against a pedestrian Brighton with just 2 minutes left. I’d never bet against them in the big games, yet somehow a few minutes later the south-coasters were level after ex-Addicks trialist David Martin watched a floating free-kick go over his head and into the net.

When ever-reliable Glenn Murray missed the first spot kick, we thought the worst, but Millwall missed as well and Jake Cooper skied the final kick into South Bermondsey. We’ve not had much to laugh about recently, but I made up for it.

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He who dances last dances longest

The intense loathing of Alan Pardew. Uniting football fans since 2007.


Is it possibly the worst ever time to be a Charlton supporter?

Taking Charlton in isolation. Depressing with a forecast of further stormy times ahead.

But let’s look around us. Crystal Palace tomorrow play in a repeat of the 1990 FA Cup Final. The face-painted Palace ultra’s will stain Wembley again for the second time in a matter of weeks. That Charlton butcher Pardew played in the 1990 Final, in fact it was two games as United won in a Wembley replay. Mark Bright, John Salako and one for the older statto’s, David Madden also played in both games.

Palace at Wembley in the Cup Final. At least here I can bury my head in the sand. Depressing. As is the amount of money they are banking as they move to a different stratosphere to us financially. But we live in hope that Super Alan Pardew will f**k it up again.
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Not bitter

There’s nothing worse I have decided than supporting a team that I really have never cared for very much against a team that I loathe. My brother actually went today, wearing his Charlton shirt under his jacket, sat with some Watford friends. I couldn’t have faced that to be honest even before the game, and judging by his texts he won’t be doing it again in a hurry neither.

In my mind the power struggle in south-east London doesn’t really change much. Palace’s board will have to decide how much of their new found wealth they will gamble on a team now short of it’s only quality player, and whether they spend some money on trying to upgrade Selhurst Park during the campaign like Blackpool did, because it will easily be the worse ground to grace the Premier League since Fratton Park.

Probably for the first time in a generation Palace will pull in bigger home crowds than us, but that will be the floaters coming through the gate, not Charlton fans I’d hope, even if there are a number of lapsed season ticket holders out there. Millwall mind you could really have suffered if they’d dropped into League One.
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16 years apart

Crystal Palace take their Class A drugs, fireworks and warm tins of McEwans to The Den tonight for what should be a firecracker of a game.

Ordinarily when these two clubs come together I favour the Bermondsey boys. I mean it’s not much of a choice is it, but if I had to say one it would be Millwall, but that was before tonight.
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