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Close call

Phew, that was a close call. My commiserations to both Crystal Palace and Millwall, but just as a reminder only one club from south east London has ever won the FA Cup.

Palace were pretty soporific against Watford, who were deserved winners. Can’t say the same about Millwall, who were deservedly two goals ahead against a pedestrian Brighton with just 2 minutes left. I’d never bet against them in the big games, yet somehow a few minutes later the south-coasters were level after ex-Addicks trialist David Martin watched a floating free-kick go over his head and into the net.

When ever-reliable Glenn Murray missed the first spot kick, we thought the worst, but Millwall missed as well and Jake Cooper skied the final kick into South Bermondsey. We’ve not had much to laugh about recently, but I made up for it.

Whilst bloody Palace have become Premier League regulars, pay their players hundreds of grand a week, sell out most home games and can only find where to sit their wanky ultra’s to argue about, Millwall’s Cup despair won’t help their push for Championship safety with a tough looking run-in.

Millwall though are a very good one-off cup team, and have one of the best Cup records outside of the EPL. What is incredible though is, if Millwall would have held on, the semi-final would have been their sixth appearance at the new Wembley. Six! They’ve also played a FA Cup Final in Cardiff and an Auto Windscreen’s whatsit at the old Wembley since our 1998 Play-Off win. Palace have played at the new Wembley three times.

Neither Brighton and Watford have played there either but with them through to the semi’s that leaves, by my estimation, just 11 teams out of the current 92 that have never played at Wembley. Eleven!

Anyways. Sam Bertram and Jimmy Seed. We won the FA Cup 🎼

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  1. Richard #

    Kind of makes us more special then…erm…

    March 18, 2019
  2. Steve #

    Had a wonderful change of scenary at vicarage road Saturday with my youngest lad whose a Watford fanatic – great to witness from his perspective and mine also and yeah, them ultras, what an embarrassing joke they are

    March 18, 2019
    • Steve – I have a question. How did your youngest become a Watford fan?

      March 18, 2019
      • Steve #

        Eldest son is a true believer but youngest just got the calling from his local club – moved from SE London to Herts many years ago and of course haven’t had too much ammunition to try and influence his affections of late

        March 19, 2019
        • Been a little tricky hasn’t it. Can’t knock that he wants to support his local club. It’s the way it should be.

          March 22, 2019

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