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Not bitter

There’s nothing worse I have decided than supporting a team that I really have never cared for very much against a team that I loathe. My brother actually went today, wearing his Charlton shirt under his jacket, sat with some Watford friends. I couldn’t have faced that to be honest even before the game, and judging by his texts he won’t be doing it again in a hurry neither.

In my mind the power struggle in south-east London doesn’t really change much. Palace’s board will have to decide how much of their new found wealth they will gamble on a team now short of it’s only quality player, and whether they spend some money on trying to upgrade Selhurst Park during the campaign like Blackpool did, because it will easily be the worse ground to grace the Premier League since Fratton Park.

Probably for the first time in a generation Palace will pull in bigger home crowds than us, but that will be the floaters coming through the gate, not Charlton fans I’d hope, even if there are a number of lapsed season ticket holders out there. Millwall mind you could really have suffered if they’d dropped into League One.

Ian Holloway will give it a go, it’s in his nature and his record but Palace’s fans, once they awake from their stupor will be conscious that their last four visits to the Premier League have resulted in immediate relegation. As for us, well I am sure we will just carry on down our own path that we are nicely building.

I didn’t watch the game because I was at work, plus as I alluded to in my opening sentence I really couldn’t think of anything worse. But it sounded a god-awful match although Palace were deserving winners. Actually, don’t judge me, but I kind of feel pleased for Kevin Phillips, his first play-off final victory in four attempts.

As for Watford, I really didn’t care for how they assembled their team this season, and unless they now buy all of those loan players, 14 at the last count, then a change in the rule book this summer will have to have an effect on their chances next season. I can also see the appeal of Zola to bigger clubs than Watford.

Finally the real blow today is the ridiculous amount of money Palace are now guaranteed. I know we can cite Wolves and Blackburn and many, many others that have fallen foul to these riches, but even George Best would find it hard to squander £120m. I think when we beat Sunderland the Wembley game was touted as the £15m game.

Palace, if they finish bottom next season with record points (11 is the current record), the cheese rolls will still ‘win’ more money than Man Utd won this season by walking away with the title. It’s sick.

What is even more sick though is that 3 years ago Palace were in administration. Maybe with some of their £120m, before they start throwing it at overpaid footballers and crooked agents they might want to consider repaying the St Johns Ambulance back. They were owed £15,000 for example or the London Ambulance Service who were owed over £21,000, or even a local fishmonger who was one of 190 people or companies listed on the Palace’s creditors list, that if they were lucky got 1p on the £1. The players would’ve got paid though, so that’s alright.

Charlton have come very close to administration this last decade, but managed by hook or by crook to pay whoever, whenever needed it. Palace have twice been in administration in recent times. Southampton fans, you can stop looking down at your feet too. It makes the whole thing even more stupid than it is already.

Bitter, no, not at all….

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  1. Texas Addick #

    What interests me more is what effect Palaces promotion has on Charlton, for example season ticket sales, and average home attendances, will it make our board more likely to spend more on transfers than they otherwise would of, like it or not Palaces promotion will have an affect on the club, will be interesting to see any response. I am not one of those who think our board are struggling, could be an interesting close season.

    May 27, 2013
    • Pete #

      Please note, it’s “would have” or “would’ve” NOT “would of”

      May 28, 2013
      • And you thought it was just Piers Morgan TA.

        May 28, 2013
      • Texas Addick #

        It never surprises me CA, not the least, must be a Croydon lot lol

        May 28, 2013
  2. Matthew #

    The administration point adds a new angle I hadn’t considered, clearing debts etc…. Maybe it should come with a “Penalty” of not being allowed to spend on players/wages above x or infrastructure for next 18 months.

    I was always hoping palace may sneak into to the prem, before I realized how much money, on the basis that the higher a monkey climbs a pole, the more people can see its arse. But the money is obscene and that’s the problem, sustainability in the prem… Swansea and Norwich are doing it the right way but others with no money will keep failing….Administration or oblivion, and then there’s the debt championship clubs load themselves with for a chance of promotion.

    Anyway, we’ll pass palace next year on their way back down 🙂

    May 27, 2013
    • Matthew – The point on teams coming out of Admin being given some kind of handicap is a good one. Southampton after coming out of Admin in 2009 instantly spent 3m on players. Mind you, at least they have a brand new stadium to show for it.

      May 27, 2013
    • detroiteagle #

      “Anyway, we’ll pass palace next year on their way back down ”

      How is that working out for you?

      May 6, 2014
      • Interesting that you had to trawl through a year of posts to find this, and it wasn’t actually me that said it. Unlike a lot of Charlton fans I haven’t been obsessed with Palace this season and have neither written about them nor given them much thought, but nonetheless Pulis has done a remarkable job. Enjoy your time in the sun.

        May 6, 2014
  3. Although it’s not the result we Addicks wanted, it’s still nice to know that Ian H. will be enlivening the EPL next season.

    May 27, 2013
  4. Andy #

    Just got home to Miami. Chris Powell was on my flight with his family and was kind enough to pose for a pic at Heathrow. Pefect end to my trip back for my little brothers wedding, a family of charlton fans!

    May 28, 2013
    • Top man. I have a photo of me, my son and CP after we met them on holiday in Italy 11 years ago. Still cherish it.

      May 28, 2013
  5. Behind Enemy Lines #

    Good article as usual CA.
    Hmm administration!! Yes if I remember correctly they got away with millions owed to Lloyds Bank. I wonder if I went into administration if they would wipe out my mortgage and give me my house freehold like Palace were gifted Selhurst Park????
    Was busy in the garden yesterday but suspected the bad news when I heard some kid down the street crying EE-gools!!

    May 28, 2013

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