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Gavin Kilkenny

The first signing of transfer deadline day, was the loan signing of Irish midfielder Gavin Kilkenny from Bournemouth.

The 22-year old was on loan at Stoke City the first part of this season, and is where Dean Holden knows him. Kilkenny only played in three games and the last time was in August.

Last season the Irishman was used more regularly by Bournemouth as they won promotion to the Premier League. He has actually played more times for Ireland’s U21 than in club football.

Kilkenny sounds as if he’s a deep-lying midfielder, who has good vision, can switch play and make passes. Very much in George Dobson’s position as opposed to Fraser, Payne and Morgan. We’ll see how Holden uses him.

Welcome Gavin.

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  1. houndal #

    Hoping this one at least works out

    January 31, 2023
  2. Shadow Play #

    Can he play centre-back?

    February 1, 2023
  3. Daggs #

    Well our latest transfer window followed the pattern of the previous four or five. Crap, the race to the bottom just accelerated.

    February 1, 2023
  4. Wayne R #

    We now await the usual comments from the club on how positive the ‘window’ has been. The stark reality is that we are now weaker and the fact that Kilkenny and Hector have hardly played any football this season makes it highly likely they will get injured as soon as they attempt to get through a full match…Just like Todd Kane who we are unlikely to see again this season.
    All we can now hope for is to avoid relegation and see what the summer brings.
    As a suffering fan yet more disappointment to digest!

    February 1, 2023
  5. greg brown #

    Waiting with baited breath for comments from the hierarchy……At the moment the silence is deafening !!

    February 1, 2023
  6. Mike #

    What to say!!!

    8 players out in this window, Lavelle, Jasemi, Kirk, Mc Grandles, O’Connell, Stockley, Mc Gilvery and JFC. All as far as I am concerned glad to see the back off.
    Though the four loanees Lavelle, Jasemi, Kirk and McGrandles will be back on the books with us at the end of the season!!!

    Just 5 players in, Hector, Kilkenny,Kane ,Penny and Bonne. ( Edwards winger from Wigan didn’t go through, apparently they wanted a fee for him about £25,000) 🙂

    Kane already out injured with hamstring after 30 minutes, with Hector not having played since last July when released by Fulham and Kilkenny only played three games since August on loan with Stoke, so none of those match fit at all.
    So we are just left with Bonne and Penny.

    So at centre back we are now left with just Ness and calamity Inniss who should have been dropped ages ago, with our so called centre back up cover Terry Thomas, who was off to with Forrest Green, but was stopped with an hour before the window closed, as lavelle had signed for Burton on loan.

    As for forwards we now still only have two in Leaburn and Bonne, as Stockley has been sold, no loss there and non playing total waste of space always injured 20 minute Aneke!

    I know we can all blame Sangaard, but lets look a little bit further into this, when he took over Charlton he knew diddly squat about running a football club. Whilst he wanted to do things in his own way on running the club etc, the one thing he didn’t know was which players to bring in and left this in the hands of Mr Gallen!

    Well lets look at Teflon man, the only person at the club who it appears is save under Sangaard and is bullet proof, as Gallen is supposingly the recriutment and scout specialist and Sangaard seems to have this respect for him. The Manager will obviously have a final say on who they should sign as they will want that person to fit into their playing style etc, but as sure as eggs are eggs, it is Gallen who is meant to do all the homework first and on any recommendations made to him, that’s his job. Whereas the manager will be mainly concentrating on running the team and getting the best out of each player.
    Mr G’s recruitment over the last several seasons has been absolutely dreadful and I can’t understand how Sangaard has not seen this. Permanaent transfers Kirk £500,000, Jasemi & Lavelle around £200,000 each and the worst one of all paying £3o0,000 to bring Aneke back to Charlton, knowing full well he is injury prone and can’t play a full game, Birmingham must have been laughing their socks off!
    In fact theres only two players that I can currently think of as being a really good class player, above average we have signed on permanently one is Dobson and that was probably a fluke and the other Blackett Taylor but he is only until the end of the season. I’m not counting Bonne as its only a short contract.
    Nearly all the players signed since Adkins and Garner have been off loaded as just not good enough, but unfortunately 5 only on loan so will be back with us again soon. Also, apart from a few, most of the loan players brought in have not been up to it either and have not been any better than players already on the books.

    The only saving grace is that this season we have had some amazing youngsters coming through, which shows how good Steve Avory & Co are so good at getting these players coming to sign on for Charlton.

    So whilst we all wait to see what Mr S is going to do, stick or twist, whoever is in charge, the first job they need to do, is employ a new recruitment/scouting person, person’s for the first team, before investing in any new players!

    February 1, 2023
  7. LP #

    Help me CA – did O’connell really go? Can’t see anything on club website?

    February 1, 2023

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