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Smaller the better

That must be the first time I have ever heard a manager say they actually want a smaller squad.

“….In my opinion, a squad that was too big. We were leaving five or six players, sometimes more, at home during away games. At times we were looking to do an 11-v-11 in training – say on a Tuesday with a Saturday game on the horizon – and we were having to tell three or four players that they wouldn’t be involved in that and that they would be training with the U21s.”Dean Holden

Interesting comments, and from someone who clearly hasn’t heard about our perennial injury crisis. One of the new signings is already injured, there’s no hint yet of Joe Wollacott returning and Aneke and Sessegnon are constant members of the treatment room. A few of others are not match fit and Sessegnon and Ryan Inniss are one yellow away from a suspension.

Andy Scott, now on a weekly contract, sung from the same hymn sheet on Thursday and it’s left to the rest of us to try to put the pieces together among the pretense and secrecy.

Games continue then and incredibly more than 1,100 Addicks will make the long journey down to Exeter tomorrow. With everything that is going on behind the scenes, and really not much on it, that is a fantastic turnout.

Give them a loud cheer from me if you are one them.

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  1. AllHellLetLoose #

    You left Egbo out of the ‘still injured’ list

    Remember when Garner said after the summer window that he “liked working with small squads” only to publicly change his mind in October/November and then got sacked for it.

    With Dean it seems to be the same spin just with a different story line, what happens if Leaburn gets injured? We will only have Bonne as a starting striker with ‘Sicknote’ managing 30 minutes at best!… that’s if he doesn’t pull out during the pre game warm up. If Penny gets injured that’s all our left footed defenders out.

    We are a striker and a left footed defender short surely that is obvious?

    February 4, 2023
  2. AllHellLetLoose #

    A possible (I have NO inside info here) reason for Dean’s comments..
    Video call between Thomas Sandgaard (TS) and Dean Holden (DH) …
    TS – “Hi Dean we need to generate some cash from this January window”
    DH – “Boss I have promised the fans that no youngsters will be sold in January”
    TS – “OK Dean, the cash will have to come from senior player sales then”
    DH – “but I already have a small squad Boss”
    TS – “we need to break-even this season Dean, I must sell some players and trim player budget to get anywhere near cash neutral”
    DH – “OK I will work with Scott to get as many fringe players out as possible… but what do we tell the fans Boss?”
    TS – “Tell them the squad you inherited was too big”
    DH – “They will never believe that Boss, they are not stupid”
    TS – “That’s your problem Dean … bye”

    February 4, 2023
    • Chris #

      Sounds soooo true !!!

      February 4, 2023
  3. Daggs #

    Within football there is always a level of BS handed to the fans. The “squad too big” line is just that, BS.
    Last week (transfer deadline week) we were told Stockley had a minor calf injury and wasn’t in the matchday squad. I knew immediately that meant he was negotiating his transfer (whether people cared or not, it was still a lie) Honesty from the club doesn’t seem to be a possibility.
    Of course the biggest heap of BS we’ve been fed in the last two and a half years, has come from TS. ( I don’t really need to list it all again)
    Whilst I have no inside knowledge, I expect the next possible owners of CAFC to spew forth similar levels of BS.
    I hope their takeover fails and the Varney/Barclay option gets a chance. I would have faith in PV.

    February 4, 2023
  4. Chris #

    Credit to all the fans off to Exeter who have demonstrated loyalty as well as spending hard earned money to support the team.
    The complete opposite to TS and his cronies who despise and ignore fans feelings and genuine concern about where we are going.

    February 4, 2023
  5. Chris #

    I bet the media guys at Charlton must dread having to put out so much B…S… from TS and his leadership team ?
    So many lies and contradictions issued.
    I think Ollie Grooms is much happier now in his role at Welling….not having to put out so much rubbish on behalf of TS.

    February 4, 2023
  6. Joseph Hallinan #

    Thanks all! You have answered a question I have pondered for so long, why, when I scan the sports newspapers daily there is no mention of our team. As you have produced the “BS” screen scenario, I will now start reading the Farmers Weekly.

    February 4, 2023

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