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New sponsors to go with new shirt manufacturers

Charlton announced new shirt sponsors last week.

RSK is the UK’s largest privately held environmental, engineering and technical services group, comprising over 130 companies employing 6,000 people and with turnover of £350.5m in 2021. They are based in Cheshire, but have subsidiaries across the globe and named after the three founders of the company.

The five-year Charlton agreement will see RSK’s logo on front of the home shirts for the start of next season, although I’m not sure if the deal goes beyond that, and the announcement did only refer to home shirts.

Like a lot of companies in this field they are struggling to make a profit but can easily raise money and have been very acquisitive. In this day and age RSK are a sensible and good partner for the club to have, a million times better than the myriad of online betting companies.

I do suspect in our current predicament the deal was not financially earth shattering for the club.

Hummel’s shirt deal also ends this summer with Castore taking over. I have always liked Hummel’s designs although getting the shirts into the store in a timely fashion has always been a problem.

Castore will host the club store from the summer.

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  1. enviableone #

    really CA, I have to say this season’s hummel home and away are some of the worst I’ve seen.

    RSK are definitely an improvement over Betdaq and that ilk, I am hoping the deal is a help towards funding Thomas’s ambition.
    Castore looks quite good, rangers and wolves kits for this year look good.
    although can’t help but notice it might be your shop CA Store.

    March 14, 2022
    • I like the black one this season, although I don’t think we have won it it!

      March 14, 2022

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