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The Charlton Dossier

As many of you would have seen recently Matt Southall is once again attempting to get his slimy hands into a professional football club.

Southall is set to buy a 25% share in Rochdale. This news has been met head on by the Rochdale’s Supporters Trust with significant guidance from Addicks’ fans.

Meanwhile during the past year beavering away behind the scenes since ESI were booted literally out of club, much investigative work has been carried out by Charlton fans, and today a new website has been introduced called The Charlton Dossier.

This website chronicles and exposes every character that freeloaded themselves onto the club. The detailed work that has gone into the website is incredible, and the in-depth examination of the weasels and charlatans that involved themselves with our club, and many others and now Rochdale is breathtaking.

It is a true masterpiece and although it brings back some awful memories, I can’t wait to spend more time wading through the content and I implore you to do the same, and please help get the word out.

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  1. Steve #

    Cheers CA looks like a good read and yes what bad memories
    Probably best save til out next 4 goal home drubbing to remind ourselves that (football) life really could be much worse

    October 7, 2021
  2. Shadow Play #

    Thanks for the (bad) memories…

    It beggars belief that Southall could be in a position to buy into a football club again. But the 25% stake he is apparently buying will be diluted if a rights issue goes ahead at the club. He is or was set to be barred from from the meeting where it was to be approved and even then he will still need approval from the EFL. Given that he failed to get that at Charlton I doubt he’ll succeed this time around. Not unless he has somehow and legitimately come into a stack of cash that will keep Rochdale afloat for the next 18 months.

    October 8, 2021

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