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A crunch week for Adkins

Two weeks without a game. I kind of think it has dragged, but Adkins squad go again tomorrow when they travel to Lincoln, four places above us in the table.

This international break has followed the same pattern as the last one. A desperately needed win, followed by a conclusive home victory in the Pizza Trophy and then a wait with promises of plenty of work on the training pitch to come.

Nigel Adkins’ pre-match press conferences are becoming worse than futile. I assume other than Terry Smith, Adkins is not permitted to speak to other journo’s. Bowyer’s ‘pressers’ were often a car-crash best watched from behind the sofa, but they were box office, Adkins’ are more back office.

Adkins is very good at never answering a question, and to remind myself of what was said after Fleetwood, I had another listen to his post game opinions.

“We’re all involved, it’s an us and we’ve got to keep working hard to get ourselves out of the situation we’ve put ourselves in.”

The “it’s an us” resonated. It is a team game, and at this stage 25 different players have been used in League One games (Ipswich have used more) so no players are blameless, although a small minority get a pass.

Adkins has 26 fit players to choose from tomorrow, but please don’t change it. Just start the team that began at Fleetwood. He has no injuries and there can be no more excuses about players not being fit or settled in. It is halfway through October.

I suspect the win at Fleetwood gave him three more games, as they come thick and fast this week. Three tricky games, but each perfectly winnable.

Thomas may have more patience than the fanbase, and it’ll ultimately be the owner’s call, but I just don’t believe Adkins has the vision, faculty or is even shrewd enough in today’s game to not just turn it around but achieve what should be the sole goal of promotion.

Finally respect to the 1,400 plus Addicks who will make their way up to Sincil Bank tomorrow.

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  1. Mike #

    Spot on CA, lets see if things have changed. But I wouldn’t be surprised to see Adkins favourite, Watson back in the starting eleven, if not at least on the bench at the expense of whoever!

    Interestingly, my friend who I go with to Charlton, was on holiday last week at a B&B in Southwold and someone staying there was a Wigan supporter. They got chatting and Watson’s name came up, he told my friend that he and many others, couldn’t stand Watson, as he was slow and all he did was swing his arms about pointing and telling everyone else who to mark, chase back etc, whilst he just stood there doinf nothing and that was around seven years ago. So no change at Charlton, except hes now seven years older and even slower!

    October 15, 2021
  2. Spot on CA and Mike and yes well never answers a question directly but says the same thing repeatedly in the interviews and every week.
    Now the excuses have run our or to be frank the bull shite he says.
    Only Louise Mendez tries to ask the direct questions but afraid the commentator Sir Smith does not and just my honest opinion.
    Yes, he has no doubt and in his contract he has to speak to him.
    We shall see but frankly Mr Positivity has had his success over a decade ago but do not believe he will turn it around but the next 3 games will be very interesting.

    October 16, 2021
  3. Daggs #

    Personally I think Nige will be here to at least January. If we’re still in bottom six after Christmas/new year, I expect TS to act.
    If we’re mid-table Nigels future will be secured. (for as long as any managers future is secured !!)

    October 16, 2021
  4. Christopher #

    I think we have turned the corner now, no winning runs nearby but no losing runs either. In the next 5-10 games we will see indifferent form, then we will move up the table. Keep the faith 🙂

    October 16, 2021
  5. Dave Little #

    Why …. To very tough away games and a home game that we lost last season ??

    October 16, 2021
    • Why? Lincoln and Accrington Stanley. Tough? In what way? That they are better than us? That we would rather have their managers over Adkins? Come on. I’ll give you Sunderland, but we’ve played well up there in recent years. 7 points should be the target this week.

      October 16, 2021
  6. Richard #

    Adkins is just, so, uninspiring…

    October 16, 2021
    • Mark #

      I wasn’t at the game today but to lose at Lincoln after all the rubbish spouted by Adkins pre-match about how good the players have been in training, how they’re ready for the game etc etc etc takes me back to the days of Gobby Mk1, now we’ve got another Gobby (Mk 2) spouting off the same rubbish every week only for us to drop another 3 points.

      Mid October and we’re in the bottom 4 – great. Adkins tactics, team selection and substitutions just aren’t working game after game. Just how long will Sandgaard give this nincompoop?
      Adkins has to go NOW – not after Accrington Stanley have taken a point or three off of us, or Sunderland have walloped us up there.

      Bring in Curbs, Sir Chris or take a punt on Jacko and Euell – though I honestly think it’s too early for their first managerial position and we need a tried and tested Charlton man at the helm to get us out of this mess. We’ve got some good players in the squad, but we’ve got the wrong man to get the best out of them….

      October 16, 2021

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