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Pearce out for 8 weeks

Skipper Jason Pearce, who injured a knee in training last week has been ruled out for up to 8 weeks. It is not known whether surgery is required.

Pearce was a rock after lockdown and is highly influential among the players, and is going to be a big loss. Those first two months of the season encompass 10 league games.

Lee Bowyer’s squad is already threadbare, and excluding Tom Lockyer, who is free to leave for no fee, means we have one centre-half in Deji Oshilaja in the squad.

Bowyer has had a few trialists take part in the two pre-season friendlies thus far – ex Addick Tareiq Holmes-Dennis, ex-Burnley left back Ali Koiki, Wealdstone’s striker Dennon Lewis and ex-Brentford right back Josh Clarke.

Adam Matthews is still at the club despite the EFL refusing the Addicks request to offer him a new contract.

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  1. rierti #

    Pearce will be a serious loss whilst out and with Sarr released we will be short in central defence. Mingi has played in the pre-season friendlies and whilst in a back four with Clarke Lockyer and Purrington the team did not concede any goals which must be encouraging. The situations with Lockyer and Matthews need to be resolved.

    August 27, 2020
  2. Norfolk Red #

    The minimal.nimber of injured defenders at the club is a real concern. In Thomas Sandgaard’s interview with CAST yesterday, he said he was starting to think that the EFL had a “sweet spot” for Charlton. Well, in terms of player recruitment, if EFL does have a sweet spot for the club then they have a funny way of showing it! As Bows points out, even if Charlton had bucket loads of cash the club still couldn’t recruit because a lot of the youngsters are now classed as 1st reamers, even those who have only made sub appearances. On the contrary, l feel that EFL is setting clubs up to fail, but if that’s the case then l can’t understand what their long term goal is? Charlton and others must be allowed to recruit!

    August 27, 2020
  3. Shadow Play #

    As per Marian Mihail’s video chat with Olly Groome the club is currently under a total transfer embargo. To be fair to the EFL they did relent and allow two signings, but that probably exhausted how far they were prepared to stretch the rules. I see where they are coming from – the ownership situation is a mess, there’s an on-going court case and financially we are on thin ice. They would argue that allowing us to sign any more players would be foolish and possibly legally dubious.

    That Adam Matthews is still at the club could be read any number of ways – he could be maintaining his fitness/we are doing him a favour, or it could be because Bow thinks/hopes that the EFL will allow us to sign him or maybe because he has been told that the ownership situation will be resolved and he’s prepared to hang around. The Sept 1 court case though is extremely unlikely to end in a quick resolution. It’s a civil matter and the judge is not trying anyone as such but listening to arguments, he may make a swift decision on the other hand he will possibly need a few days to mull over the arguments and then he’ll make a decision, how long, I don’t know. Unfortunately in English contract law there is little by way of legislation to guide any decision – everything is based on House of Lords and Supreme Court decisions going back decades and even longer. Even if he loses and Thomas Sandgaard is free to buy the club he will then have to undrgo the OADT and that will take time to resolve.In that regard I can see why he was saying nice things about them, there’s no point making enemies there.

    But in Bow and Steve Gallen I trust, we may have a situation on our hands similar to the one a couple of seasons ago when it will take a few weeks to get signings and loanees in and the management team have probably lined up a few potential signings. October 4 is when the window shuts and that’s the date we really need to focus on, the first few weeks of the season we may have to take on the chin. If TS gets clearance to buy CAFC then it could work out well for us, there will be no large payments to make to buy the freehold, the ground can be rented and any money he wants to invest should go straight into rebuilding the squad. If things work out as I hope then we could actually be in a good position in a few weeks time – however navigating the next few weeks could be painful. We need to be patient…

    August 29, 2020

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