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Sting operation

For once the results went for us this weekend to help with the rehabilitation of Friday night. Those pub beers didn’t taste quite as good Saturday did they, but Bow’s boys and us haven’t got time to dwell. Game five is Tuesday.

Undoubtedly one of the hardest games of the lot. Brentford have been on fire since resumption and by popular notion the best team we have played this season. West Brom helping us out today still keep the Baggies a little bit out of sight for the Bees but amongst all the teams chasing a Play-Off place they have looked easily the most impressive.

Brentford press really high and use width to good effect. This will need to be the ultimate rear-guard action and Aneke should start and will have to work his socks off to chase the ball down and hold it up. I would think Matthews and Doughty will start in a back five and will need to support and relieve Aneke as much as possible. Jake Forster-Caskey may start to help us keep the ball in the middle.

No illusions. Tuesday has all the ingredients of watching the game from behind the curtain. Whatever it takes. By hook or by crook Charlton.

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  1. greg brown #

    Dont think we will get much out of tomorrows game,given Brentfords attacking threat.We will need to score one at least to have any chance of a point let alone three.Our own attack in the game against Millwall was abysmal.Hamed over the hill and Bonne not Championship standard.I think damage limitation will be the order of the evening unfortunately. !!!

    Yorkshire Addick

    July 6, 2020
  2. Rob Smith (Essex Addick) #

    Our defence is solid and well organised. And we have arguably the best keeper in the division. If only we could tuck away a couple of our numerous chances up top. Very tough game, we can keep a clean sheet. Four more points should do it. COYR

    July 6, 2020
  3. rierti #

    I think we need to get as much pace and energy into the team as possible particularly in midfield and upfront to counter Brentford. I would stick to a back four of Matthews, Lockyer, Pearce and Oshilaja with Cullen and Pratley as defensive midfield. I would have an attacking diamond with Morgan at the base as the no.10 behind Aneke with Doughty and Davison in the wider roles. Both Doughty and Davison have pace and energy and would be expected to support the full backs and defensive midfielders as well as supporting Aneke when we counter attack. One reason I would pick Davison is that he scores goals from loose balls in the box from set plays. Scoring from set plays must be our best chance.

    July 6, 2020
  4. Shadow Play #

    I’m just wondering if it might be wise to go 5-4-1 again but maybe give Davison and Doughty starts – or at least involve them? Realistically given Brentford’s form this looks like a home win banker and we have a few matches coming up where we must pick up points – Birmingham, Reading and Wigan. I’d rather rest one or two key players for those matches. Yes this is negative and I doubt Bow will do it but we need to think longer than just this one match.

    July 7, 2020

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