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Charlton Athletic 0 Millwall 1

Every time, same old Charlton blah blah.

I write these games off. Ever since the 70’s. Give them the six points at the beginning of the season, saves all the false hope’s and let-down’s.

I had to go out for dinner at the 2nd half drink’s break. Other than the constant threat of Jed Wallace, I thought we were doing alright up until that point. The giant Smith was off as was Romeo and Jonny had just been introduced and I think we were edging it. Still wasn’t confident of course, doesn’t take a seer to work the end result out against that lot.

Scoring goals. It’s a big problem isn’t it. Thanks Lyle.

Yes, we are creating chances, but are they four quartile? I’d say 50-50, but Hemed was even making things happen out of not much, but I’m signed up to him not scoring for us.

Anyway, glad that is out of the way. At least it was a Friday. Hated the Sky coverage and their piped in sound. Remember The Valley would have been silent for the players. Back home to Valley Pass for Tuesday.

We could do with some luck today, couldn’t we. Shake it off Addicks.

Bow: “You can’t be missing those chances because if you do, this is what happens in this division, you get punished, from nothing. It hurts, it hurts.”
Their bloke: “Charlton refused to let us put a flag in the away end – we’ve done that for every other team this season. I feel if you can’t have your fans there you’ve got to do the right thing. They wouldn’t let us do it.”

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  1. rierti #

    It is obvious to me that neither Bonne or Hemed have the qualities to play as a centre forward they are strikers(?) who need to play off of a proper centre forward who can hold the ball up and lead the line. Aneke looks the best bet for the role but for some reason he does not feature on a regular basis, is he fragile? he has had a lot of injuries this season so is Bowyer wary of giving him too much pitch time. Bonne appears to have lost confidence, but Hemed impersonated a statue up until lockdown and although livelier now is still poor. We have had some old pros who have joined us at the end of their careers who have failed to perform but he must be one of the worst. Thank god that Pratley who is older than Hemed is totally genuine.
    Morgan was subbed and for the fifth time the result at the end was worse than when he left the action. I cannot think of a single occasion when he has been subbed that the final result has been improved. Many of the substitutions may have been justified but the quality of the replacements or the tactics employed must be questioned.

    July 4, 2020

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