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Season tickets 20/21

Despite the heart warming video that poked at a few nerves in my tummy, I really don’t know who would part with their cash to buy a season ticket at this point.

Without knowing what division we will be in, or what measures the EFL take due to our ownership situation plus more importantly not having a clue who Paul Elliott is, or what slippery Chris Farnell’s intentions are, my hands will stay firmly in my pocket.

Add to that the somewhat vital issue of the coronavirus and when physically you’ll be able to actually sit in your chosen seat. The article does state “should any games be played behind closed doors fans will be compensated for those games following the completion of the 2020/21 season.” I personally think that is a when not a should.

There is a two-stage payment deal, where the cost of tickets will be re-calculated in November, which seems a little early. And there is a £20 admin charge, which will eat unfairly into any rebate.

Buying a season ticket is an individual decision, and the club had to announce something to be fair to them despite so many fundamental issues surrounding the future of the it. The early bird offer is open until July 31st, but this bit is a little nonsensical:

“Increases on the early-bird discount are in place should the club be relegated to League One.”

There’s broader issues that the club cannot control like if when fans are allowed back in, will full capacities be used? Will they cap the age’s of spectators? Public transportation issues. The list of potential restriction permutations goes on.

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  1. Norfolk Red #

    Irrespective of all the different permutations as a consequence of Coronavirus, l will not be buying a season ticket until:
    A) the new Paul Elliott lead management team demonstrates that it will conduct its business with honesty and transparency;
    B) the Club outlines it plans regarding player recruitment given that there is a significant reliance on loan.playets at present, and;
    C) the EFL announce the conclusions to its ridiculously long investigation.

    The fans have in the recent past been previous owner’s with the utmost contempt and going forward my trust will need to be earned rather than taken on face value.

    June 15, 2020
  2. Amen to that! Who on earth would renew their season tickets currently?! Madness.

    June 16, 2020
  3. LP #

    When others of us refused to renew in protest when things were obviously radically wrong with the owner, there were a lot who buried their head in the sand. I imagine they still will.

    June 17, 2020

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