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Sir Chris sacked

Southend United have sacked Chris Powell today with 7 league games left.

In a very short statement the club said: “The results over a number of weeks, 11 games without a win, has impacted all concerned and immediate changes needed to be made.”

The Shrimpers were buzzing around the play-off’s prior to Christmas, but have not won since the middle of January.

The debate about how good a manager Sir Chris is will go on. It is clear he is not a firefighter manager but a builder of teams. Trouble is very few clubs allow time or finances for that. Southend was a bit of a safe haven for Powell, but he hasn’t put his mark on it, and a top half finish would have given him another season at least.

Football’s a cruel business and while Powell has a coarse side I wonder if the churn of front line football management is the path he will continue to take. Nonetheless he carries more experience, intelligence and personality than your average manager, so I am sure he will be alright. I hope so.

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