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Lewis Page signs contract extension

Let’s not deny it, but Lewis Page has more reason than most of the other young starlets that Lee Bowyer is attempting to secure to a contract extension beyond the end of this season, to sign one.

The injury plagued 22-year old has only played 55 league games, the majority of those coming this year, and just as he was starting to establish himself under Bowyer’s tutelage, once again the unfortunate left back is on the sidelines. Page know he needs a run of games and to be settled and hence it’s no surprise to me that he is the first player out of those offered to commit.

Tarique Fosu, Dillon Phillips, Patrick Bauer and Joe Aribo may each be prepared to play the waiting game, although interestingly, other than Bauer, the others have also only played around 50 league games each.

Those four I am sure will wait and see where they and the club are at the end of the season. Bauer has already made his feelings pretty clear on his situation, although he too has missed a fair chunk of the season thus far due to injury.

Jake Forster Caskey is a long-term injury room occupant and won’t be fit to return until next season. I’m hopeful he and the club will soon come to a contract extension agreement, although prior to his knee injury, JFC was one of our most influential players, who might have had his head turned by better offers. Now he is off the radar sadly. Cursed luck though that we will not be able to rely on him again this season.

I like Page though, he reminds me a little of one of my all time faves John Humphrey. He is a good build for a full back, strong in the tackle, likes to get down the wing and can put in a lovely cross. I for one am more than happy to keep him in a red shirt for longer. Get back soon Lewis.

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