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It’s gonna be a long week

Lied to again by the club it seems. Patrick Bauer wasn’t offered a new contract, just an extension on his new one, which he has refused, or in fact Duchatelet offered nothing at all. Judging by his Tweet today to 4,700 followers he may not be sticking around until Saturday. And who can blame him?

He does however say “as long as I am wearing the Charlton shirt I will give my everything for you Addicks & the Football Club to be as successful as possible.” which we have come to expect from the big friendly German. The Tweet, inadvertently or not, does bring his dissatisfaction of the club’s owners to the enlightenment of other clubs, and is another kick in the stomach to us Addicks.

Lee Bowyer who has publicly stated that Bauer won’t be leaving and he will 100% be bringing in three new players will after grafting through pre-season be fully aware that his own position is one that Duchatelet has been stringing him along on. How much longer will he tout the ‘it is what it is’ line before he walks out.

With clubs sniffing around Aribo as well, and more than likely his contract offer a lie, this is going to be a long week for us all.

Update on Bauer: Bowyer interview

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  1. Mark #

    Looking from the other side of the coin this is a revelation by the BFG. As a professional player who has proved his worth to the club and the team time after time he deserves an improved contract on merit. The owner is proving just what a total cnut he is – he is no more interested in the future of Charlton Athletic as your average Millwall fan – and he is going to either leave a mess behind or stay with a total mess in his face of his own cause which will inevitably see us soon to drop into division 2.
    The mess was proven on Saturday when we were all over Sunderland in the first half like a rash – but as ever couldn’t find the extra goal or two to put the result beyond doubt, which like dozens of games before it saw us get royally ‘mugged’ in the 96th minute.

    The mess we are in was there for all the armchair supporters to see – we couldn’t even manage to fill the last two substitute places on the bench ffs.

    Now that the BFG has confirmed what many of us already know I’m sure that he’ll be on his way with the first decent bid that comes his way before the transfer window closes.
    God help us from this Belgian idiot – I for one will not attend another game until he has left the building.

    It really is time for everyone with the welfare of our club at heart to seriously consider a total boycott of a future league game at the Valley – no halfway house of boycotting the first 10/15/20 minutes but a TOTAL boycott of the whole game. After all, Dushatalot might as well get used to seeing what an empty Valley looks like ready for the 2nd division, and possibly the National League if he stays any longer……

    Yours in despair…..

    August 6, 2018

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