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It’s the rules

Apparently there was a game tonight, and apparently Tarique Fosu didn’t play. So far so good. And we drew, well lost. On penalties. And, as it turns out, in the most ridiculous rule of all off football time, Fosu was banned from playing, but it didn’t count towards his three-match ban. Yep, EFL you really are..

Mark Marshall returned and played well. Ben Reeves and Igor got a runaround. Jed Steer made his debut and Jamie Mascoll scored as did Naby Sarr, who also impressed. And 1,244 fans, 143 from Wimbledon, who we played in case you are just tuning in, knew there was a game and went along to watch.

We have a point, and we are on the road to Wembley. Wake me at the semi-final stage.

As for Fosu, silly boy, I was in retrospect on Saturday night happy that he can’t now be rushed back from injury and he can train hard and we will see him later in the month against Plymouth fully fit, with much lesser of a risk that he’d break down. Now of course he will return for Luton.

Fosu, in my at arms-length mind, will be the most important player for us this season. He showed glimpses of how dangerous he can be at Southend on Saturday and we need the Belgium charlatan to at least get down to Makro and buy some cotton wool, even at the expense of hydrating the other players.

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  1. rierti #

    The 3 young midfielders Lapslie ,Maloney and Morgan played well and showed they have good futures. I feel sorry for Dijksteel who was played in central defence alongside Saar. He will only show his true ability when in a more creative position in midfield. He is an on the ground player and is not suited for physical aerial challenges in central defence. I hate to see his talent wasted. Hackett Fairchild showed some very good skills up front and is improving well. He tends to drop a bit deep and brings other people into the game with clever lay offs with feet and chest. He just needs to get into the box more and score a few goals to complete his development.

    September 5, 2018
  2. Thanks rierti.

    On Dijksteel, he runs the risk of becoming a utility player (although it did Steve Brown no harm) with Bowyer I am sure hoping he can be a squad stop gap due to lack of numbers, particularly at full back.

    September 5, 2018
  3. correct me if I am wrong, but the positions Dijksteel has been playing are the same ones both Cousins and Gomez played when they were comming through (Right Back, Centre midfield, Centre Back) IMHO thats not bad company to be keeping.

    September 6, 2018

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