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I was unsure about the white away kit released by Hummel, something about the way the stripes criss-cross at the top and the badge should be on the chest, shouldn’t it? But it’s a football kit, and I’m 50. I have good wine to spend my money on.

The white one was inspired by the Quasar kit from the mid-90’s.

But, hang on, ooh they’ve reeled me in with the red one. I like it. Possibly a little too much white under the arm, but Hummel have done a reverential job of respecting our home kit from the play-off winning season 1989/90 and 1990/91.

And it’s proper Charlton red. Piss off Duchatelet, and I may consider buying one (for my daughter of course).

So much better than those generic awful Nike kits we had to suffer. Well done to Hummel, who I believe took in a lot of fan input into their decisions. Anyway what are we going to wear at Sunderland?

When was that yellow Mesh away kit? That was the 90’s wasn’t it?

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  1. LP #

    Very yellow and i’ve still got mine. Here we go again ca. All very depressing. 100% behind card and not going at all unless my souces get me a free ticket. Not a penny more to that man. How very sad it has come to this.

    July 22, 2018

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