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Bowyer and Kewell

Two years ago Lee Bowyer was fishing carp out of a lake in France, his own lake in fact. One of the many keen fisherman that would visit Bowyer at his two lakes just over 3 hours from Calais was his former Leeds’ team mate Harry Kewell.

Whilst Bowyer was enjoying his time away from the game, Kewell began the long journey into coaching initially in Australia before becoming Watford’s U21 coach in July 2015. In October of that same year Kewell offered Bowyer a chance to join him. In a wild quirk of fate they may be re-united next week.

Good sources say that Johnnie Jackson was first offered the chance to become caretaker manager but declined, instead Jacko will support Lee Bowyer who will take a professional team for the first time on Saturday.

Interestingly Bowyer is less qualified, from a UEFA licensing point of view, than both Jason Euell and Jacko, and I’m unsure whether Bowyer could actually be appointed as the permanent manager.

Bowyer and Jackson were obvious, and in fact the only choices to step into the breach, and it might only be for one game, but both know the club well from different era’s and should get our support.

Depending how we play on Saturday, both in formation and motivation, the Aussies may give Bowyer and Jackson a more lengthy apprenticeship. If I remember correctly those young whipper snappers Gritt and Curbs didn’t do too badly.

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