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Bolton Wanderers 0 Charlton Athletic 0

Not the way you want to spend your dying days. I admire and pity those fans of Bolton and the 253 Addicks who were in attendance yesterday. It must have been truly wretched to watch as both clubs only underlined how rubbish they both are.

Two shots on goal and a disorganized and dreadful performance is what those 253 Addicks got to see and they witnessed the majority of the playing and coaching staff slink away down the tunnel at the final whistle. You can probably guess who walked over to applaud those hardy Addicks. As for the others, you only proved how little heart you had for a battle. We are even less interested in you, than you are in us. Believe me.

The final whistle went as I was walking down the street to meet a colleague for a drink. Relegation was more certain than tomorrow but, still it felt like being punched in the throat.

The most unnecessary of relegations. A football club with so many possibilities dismantled and destroyed by one man and his sycophants. One of whom gave us a pathetic statement just an hour or so after the final whistle. Obviously written weeks ago, probably from the beach, it talks of “rebuilding work.” I’d trust ISIS more with a trowl than that bint.

Addick Bloggers at the wake: Chris Powell’s Flat Cap.

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