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Up, up and away

Next week’s senile statement missive from Charlton might well mention balloons. 50,000 black and white ones are planned to float around The Valley tomorrow, and I expect lapdog Tony Keohane’s honey to-do list today will include re-writing the list of items banned from bringing into the ground.

In the week of beach ball-gate, the Metropolitan Police have said they are not pursuing a criminal investigation into Addicks’ supporters who accidentally spilled beach balls onto the pitch against Middlesbrough in front of a live TV audience. This should remind us all that the club can do absolutely nothing against lawful and harmless protests.

Also if you haven’t seen this week’s CARD video, it’s a cracker.

Back to the game tomorrow at home to Birmingham. The club were dealt a major blow when Reza came back from Tehran injured. No, me neither.

More seriously the news that Patrick Bauer might start is very encouraging and both Chris Solly and Jordan Cousins are fit. With no Reza, Riga has to start Lookman doesn’t he? Playing him would at least be a start to achieving the 18-year old’s personal goal.

Tomorrow is the beginning of a three-game week each against teams that will be looking to put a run together to get into the play-off’s. It does look as if only one spot is up for grabs but City, Ipswich and QPR will not be winding down their season just yet. These 3 games also represents our last chance of staying up in my mind. Nothing less than 6 points from the 9 with 5 then to play will be good enough.

Finally seeing Michael Morrison lead out the Blues at The Valley tomorrow will be another dagger in our hearts, already bleeding heavily. The next decision, always better than the last!

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  1. Sam lloyd #

    Doncha just LOVE it when CARD play “them” at their own game !! Anything you can do, we can do better 🙂

    April 1, 2016
  2. Steve #

    Agree, think the latest video is great.
    What worries me though still is the lack of an alternative.
    In the real world, when you demand change your usually supposed to propose a solution. The majority of Addicks, myself included, want the guy out but given feelings have been made abundantly clear, perhaps we should focus on finding a new viable owner if indeed one exists.
    If there’s someone waiting in the wings then all the efforts would have greater meaning but without what exactly are we hoping for.

    April 1, 2016
  3. LP #

    But Steve – as far as I am aware we do – why on earth do you think CARD are doing all this? They are clearly not stupid people, unlike those currently in charge.

    April 2, 2016
    • Steve #

      No not stupid for sure, a stand had to be made, but who is the prospective new owner then?
      I tell what is stupid though, not throwing the ball straight back when we’re fighting for an equaliser just to try and make a point. I mean how dumb can you get?

      April 2, 2016

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