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Then there was three

I could never get seriously worked up about the Ticket Office Manager, Mandy whatsit. How she was part of Meire’s senior management team was laughable. Do you think old Betty at Bluewater is on Showcase Cinema’s senior management board? Mandy, a Palace fan, sold and arranged tickets. Badly.

Anyway it turns out that after a little bit of a tiff with fellow Meire bottom licker, David Joyes, Mandy has resigned. Walked out. Gone. Anderson-Myers famously thought that we still had a chance of survival weeks after we were officially relegated. Mind you Betty probably doesn’t understand the plot to Captain America: Civil War.

That leaves the club’s senior management team as COO Tony Keohane, CFO Joyes and CEO Pinocchio herself. Nigel Adkins, Russell Slade, Keith Hill and John Collins cannot fail to be impressed. Heck hungry Steve Evans might even put a new shirt on for his interview!

What a farce, and everyone knows it. Honestly who in their own mind would work for these three puppets and their master? In fact the more disturbing fact is that we have to rely on these three idiots to select our next manager.

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  1. Bravo nothing to add your article says it all

    May 25, 2016
  2. bigboyonabicycle #

    I think we are moving into what will become known as our “Marie celeste” period,there will be a succession of out of work football managers turning up at a deserted Valley repeating the same call,” hello,is there anybody there?” “Ive come about the job,hello” then a ghostly woman in a long black dress appears and says “go away you are not welcome here,my lady does not wish to be disturbed” then the wind howls and the door slams……to be continued

    May 25, 2016
  3. In a sense the lack of key personnel could be seen as a good starting point-a blank canvas as it were. The problem is that there doesn’t appear to be any sort of strategic thinking around how to fill the canvas to make a coherent picture. Rumours of the appointment of a Director of football have come to nothing, potential managers have either ruled themselves out or got fixed up elsewhere. There is a patch-work approach that really isn’t driven by an experienced understanding of the direction and structure that CAFC desperately requires. The attempt to recruit Wilder represented an attempt to turn the clock back to a time when we had a good manager in Chris Powell(not perfect but young enough to grow into his task) who represented all that was so good about Charlton. You only have to read what Meire said in terms of a definition of what was now expected from the search for a new manager and it was a perfect description of Powell’s strengths and the qualities that he nurtured during his time at the Valley. There are times in life when humility is a great strength, Meire and the owner have to realise that they have screwed up big time (at huge financial cost) and appoint someone who can direct this great club properly someone with long and deep experience of the game and preferably of CAFC. I do just wonder why the lennie Lawrence rumours have (at least so far) come to nothing. He would seem to me to have been the perfect choice to stabilise the club and mentor a promising manager /head coach. Unfortunately the owner and Meire have so far only demonstrated the ability to destroy working relationships and worst of all brought the emotional relationship between many supporters and the club to the point where many have vowed not to return unless the regime changes. Can all this be reversed? With the right appointments it can but history tells us that neither Meire or the owner knows what a ‘right’ appointment is.

    May 25, 2016
  4. Big Pete #

    the bright side is with all the staff leaving, it means less severance cheques for a new owner…
    One can hope. the slow season ticket sales have to be hitting the club where it hurts. but i fear for next season’s campaign unless we can get in the key football/scouting roles in the next week or so.
    I recon a seasoned Dir of football, a solid chief scout and Head coach or we will be strucgling to put any sort of challenge together for next season.

    May 25, 2016
  5. richard #

    What is almost interesting about the departure of Mandy Whatshername is that she was publicly quite supportive of KM. It seems even the members of staff who are ‘onside’ are not safe.

    May 25, 2016
    • She is the best boss she has ever worked for. She used to tell customers 🤐

      May 25, 2016
  6. Mark #

    So, Mandy wots’ername was on her second job after leaving school one presumes….?

    If NightMeire was her best boss it doesn’t say much for the standard of things over at Scumhurst Park does it???

    May 25, 2016

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