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Hello Roland

We are not going away.

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Shrimps on the pitch

I know some people don’t get the protests and there is still a small camp that think CARD are purely trouble makers and throwing things on the pitch is a childish waste of time. However the latest crisps stunt last Saturday reached an extraordinary amount of press and media outlets here and in Belgium, and gave our adversity a huge audience. Yes, throwing a crisp packet, or a pig, or a taxi onto a pitch will not singularly see the club sold, but it raises awareness, and will rattle that old bastard like nothing else.

Heck even the EFL woke from it’s slumber. “Following a number of discussions dating back a number of weeks, the EFL plans to meet with both Charlton Athletic and the Charlton Athletic Supporters’ Trust to gain a full understanding of the current situation that surrounds the club.”

Vitally, this media antagonism of Duchatelet knocks him sideways. It’s the only thing that brings him out of his bunker and he hates it. The Belgian press have also jumped on the bandwagon this week after the crisp protest and Trump-like (come on there is a likeness) he took a swipe at the “unscrupulous media” and of course neither his employees nor us customers have a clue about what happens at the club. This from a man who last watched a Charlton game in 2014.

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Honestly is there no end to this man’s derangement?

“The fans missed a big chance. I would have been able to bring the club into the Premier League.” (more)

These quotes came from a meeting that Roland Out Today (ROT) had with Duchatelet whilst they were in Sint Truiden recently and bumped into him when they went to RD’s hotel construction site. A full transcript can be found on here.

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Counting the days

Quite ironic isn’t it that we still have the crackpot nutty professor in charge yet new owners wait on passing the EFL’s ‘Fit and Proper Persons’ test. Andrew Muir’s Australian group plan to complete the takeover of the club within the next couple of weeks, all depending on how long the EFL take to do whatever it is they do.

Undercover work by one Addick has unearthed a newly established UK company called Echidna Acquisitions registered by expected CEO Gerard Murphy on April 30th with Australian Football Consortium as shareholder. Two plus two would tell us that this is the vehicle the Aussies will use to acquire the club.

Charlton fan James Dutton, who is Jimmy Seed’s grandson has added some more, seemingly positive vibes, on his Blog here.

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I’m a little bit late with this but wanted to expose it to a wider audience and add my kudos. I have been a big advocate of hitting Roland Duchatelet hard on his own soil and now Addicks have set up a political party to contest local elections in Sint Truiden in October, 2018.

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