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Shrimps on the pitch

I know some people don’t get the protests and there is still a small camp that think CARD are purely trouble makers and throwing things on the pitch is a childish waste of time. However the latest crisps stunt last Saturday reached an extraordinary amount of press and media outlets here and in Belgium, and gave our adversity a huge audience. Yes, throwing a crisp packet, or a pig, or a taxi onto a pitch will not singularly see the club sold, but it raises awareness, and will rattle that old bastard like nothing else.

Heck even the EFL woke from it’s slumber. “Following a number of discussions dating back a number of weeks, the EFL plans to meet with both Charlton Athletic and the Charlton Athletic Supporters’ Trust to gain a full understanding of the current situation that surrounds the club.”

Vitally, this media antagonism of Duchatelet knocks him sideways. It’s the only thing that brings him out of his bunker and he hates it. The Belgian press have also jumped on the bandwagon this week after the crisp protest and Trump-like (come on there is a likeness) he took a swipe at the “unscrupulous media” and of course neither his employees nor us customers have a clue about what happens at the club. This from a man who last watched a Charlton game in 2014.

It is on his own doorstep where best to dig at Duchatelet and the wonderful people at ROT are doing just that. We all know that this is not the first time Charlton fans have set up a political party but ROT and it’s supporter’s sterling work is also garnering good press. Last weekend on the streets of Sint-Truiden the latest incarnation of The Valley Party handed out 10,000 leaflets, met with local residents and generally caused a peaceful nuisance of themselves in the town where Duchatelet considers himself untouchable. ROT will contest local elections in October.

ROT’s actions over the holiday weekend made the local newswires and of course combined with the media’s reactions here to the owner failing on his promises to pay administrative staff their bonuses and other draconian cost-cutting exercises, which all culminated in a 1,000 bags of cheese and onion being hauled onto the Valley pitch, it is fair to say the old loon did not had a good week.

Who knows how he will feel on Sunday when wakes up to find a few hundred pounds of shrimp were thrown on the pitch at Southend tomorrow….

Just sell the club.

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