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My Top Five 2022 Favourite Restaurants

🔝5️⃣ A little bit of annual self-indulgence so apologies in advance. My 2022 Top Five’s begin with food.

The restaurant industry is in recovery mode after the pandemic, but sadly restaurant closures in the UK have been worse since as owners wrestle with rising energy costs, staff shortages and simply people not having the disposable income to splurge on going out to dinner.

I know I’m lucky and was fortunate to eat out a fair bit last year. Here were my 2022 Top Five Favourite Restaurants 🍕

1️⃣ The Surf Club, Surfside, Florida

My birthday with friends at this Thomas Keller restaurant was just about perfect. Service was a little bit rushed preventing it being a 10/10 experience but the food and venue were stunning. Once a private club, now a Four Seasons. Great bar too.

2️⃣ Kojo, Sarasota, Florida

Our new favourite local. Tasty mostly Korean menu with impeccable service and friendly kid-welcoming atmosphere. I think my daughter holds the record for the most bao buns consumed in one sitting.

3️⃣ Bulla, Atlanta, Georgia

I spent a lazy Friday afternoon here with a mate in September watching the world go by drinking Estrella and eating endless plates of tapas. Really very good.

4️⃣ Mandolin Aegean Bistro, Miami, Florida

I reckon this may be at least the fifth time Mandolin has appeared in My Top Fives. Wonderful fresh Greek food in a beautiful setting. I could eat here every day.

5️⃣ Momofuku Noodle Bar, New York, New York

David Chang’s renowned ramen bar. I adore this place, the coziness of the seats, the huge bowls of food, the music, the energy. A must NYC visit.

➡️ Honourable mentions: Jaya, Miami, Florida; Napule, Sarasota, Florida; Hangawi, New York; Champers, Skeetes Hill, Barbados.

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  1. Love these useful tips…..Have just put together an Itinerary utilising the Chicago Athletic Association Hotel for some clients from one of your past Blogs… Hope the Travelling Addicks find some Good Tucker up in Manchester on Tuesday 🙂

    January 8, 2023
  2. Jacob #

    Love an Atlanta spot on the list. Are you going to the game on Tuesday? I was but, well, my Georgia Bulldogs are playing tomorrow so I am in LA. Cheers.

    January 8, 2023

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