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Portsmouth 1 Charlton Athletic 3

We do like a day out in Pompey don’t we..

Well, well. Happy New Year. What a pleasant surprise, and it will give us all a lift, but we have to now use this as a platform to move forward in what is a very important month.

Dean Holden set us up well I thought utilizing a formation suited to the players he has available.

Our most dangerous and quicker players started the game in a 4-3-3, and it would have been defensively (as usual) that gave me the most pre-game concerns, but other than the set-piece conceded in 1st half injury time the back four stood up really well, with particular praise to Lucas Ness, who I thought had an outstanding game.

Maynard-Brewer didn’t have a lot to do, but I thought confidence coursed through him and outwards the entire game.

The midfield is usually pot luck, but Dobson, Fraser and Morgan all impacted the game positively. Morgan was the tastier side of marmite today and Fraser’s goal reminded us of the reputation he arrived with.

For me, the key was the kind of football we played. None of the fannying around our own box. Defenders cleared their lines, or when in doubt kicked it out. We worked harder off the ball an pressed from midfield with energy but sensibly.

We got the ball forward quicker exploited spaces utilizing the width and pace of CBT and Rak-Sakyi. Yes, sometimes they headed down dead-ends, but it was positive and the ball is a long way from our own penalty box.

A word for Stockley. It has been a tough period, a horrid season. However he came on and played a really key role in seeing us home.

I was really pleased for the travelling Addicks. We needed the win, they deserved the win and performance. George Dobson led by example, as he always does, and it was a small shame that he didn’t score the 3rd himself, but he didn’t care as he reeled away to celebrate with the fans behind the goal.

Just a start, but I’ll take it.

Dean Holden: “It gives everybody real confidence and belief. And momentum for our supporters. They’ve needed to see that, irrespective of the result. The result is most important in regards to the league but the fans driving down here today needed to see that kind of performance.”

Stats (CAFC first): Possession – 49% / 51%; Passes – 382 / 385; Accurate passes – 290 / 283; Shots (on target) – 14 (4) / 11 (4).

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  1. houndal #

    Morning CA and for once we can applaud the performance on the pitch.
    Off the pitch the waters seem to be getting murkier as the list of chancers circling “Southall” like gets longer and longer.
    They are all in it for what they can get out, which actually seems very little on the face of it without the Valley.
    I have absolutely no doubt none of them gives a toss about the club we have loved all our life.
    The Range Rover dealership must be licking their lips.
    Sandgaard has apparently cleared his desk and I doubt we will ever hear from him again. He leaves his son as his ears until he has debunked completely.
    Who would have envisaged this scenario after such a short time since the euphoria of his takeover.
    My hopes somehow lie solely with Varney who is the only one I trust has CAFC at heart.

    January 2, 2023
    • Chris #

      Have to totally agree with your words Houndal..its a disgrace that the EFL are not involved monitoring the situation….
      I really hope that PV can get involved and be part of the club he loves again.

      January 2, 2023
  2. Chris #

    Great result…
    God how our performances change…the team looked confident and played really really well.
    Morgan,Dobbo,Fraser played their best and ran the show, and the whole team.put in a shift.
    Holden can be pleased and relieved we got 3 points…
    Well done boys and let’s see the same next home game.

    January 2, 2023
  3. Daggs #

    I watched the game on a stream. An exceptional (by our standards) game, we totally deserved to win.
    Makes it all the more puzzling why Holden picked that shambolic team for Oxford.
    Hopefully he’s learnt, pick the best available every game.
    If we can carry this result forward to the Lincoln game, things will look much better.
    The Man U cup-game is a day out, we’ll obviously lose, who cares. League one survival is the only target for now.

    January 2, 2023
  4. Shadow Play #

    Unbeaten in 2023…

    As you said the set up was the key – the four man defence with Dobson policing the area in front of it gave Portsmouth no room on the flanks. This was the formation we ended up with against Oxford. The two number 8s in Morgan and Fraser gave us some extra options going forward and the general sense of urgency kept Portsmouth on the back foot. The only negatives – another set piece goal conceded and again in extra-time and Chuks pulled up injured in the pre-match warm-up.

    The transfer window opens today and the rumour mill has us linked with a couple of recruits.

    We have to keep this going though and consistency hasn’t been our strong point this season.

    January 2, 2023
  5. Mike #

    Best performance for ages and I actually enjoyed watching the game with no rants at the TV screen, except for the goal a few seconds before half time which I half expected! 🙂 But credit wheres credits due they came out and performed just as good in the second half, I think thats the only game we have competed in over both halfs and over 90 mins plus!
    As they all said after the game and I totally agree, Holden must start with the same eleven, baring any injuries for the next game, something no manager has done this season.

    January 2, 2023
  6. Richard #

    I like a back four myself. It’s easy to understand and easier to defend with in my opinion.
    It’s no surprise that good wing backs are highly valued and you ain’t gonna find many decent ones at our level.
    Hopefully Holden has hit upon the right formula here and we can string one or two results together. Roll on Saturday.
    Off the pitch….nah the least said the better there.

    January 2, 2023

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