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Stockport County 3 Charlton Athletic 1

To the surprise of no one, Charlton exited the FA Cup last night at the home of L2 12th placed Stockport County, where a crowd twice the size of the one at The Valley saw a comfortable win for the home side.

Stockport are a club on the up with good ownership and an impressive manager. We may well pass them on the way down.

I had a ready made excuse not to watch as I was at my team’s Christmas lunch, so the game passed me by as did the afternoon and evening.

It sounded another abysmal display where we were well and truly outplayed. Even an early lead couldn’t help us. That was our only shot on target, an own goal..

Anthony Hayes team selection raised a fair number of questions, namely the dropping of George Dobson.

The players are staying up in Lancashire and Hayes will now have a few more days to prepare and plan for the trip to bottom club Morecambe on Saturday.

Addicks’ fans unveiled a ‘Sandgaard Out” banner at the game. What a mess.

Anthony Hayes: “The important thing between now and Saturday is to recover, use the time we have at the hotel to go through tonight’s game and prepare as best we can for the game against Morecambe.”

Stats (CAFC first): Possession – 58% / 42%; Shots (on target) – 18 (6) / 5 (1)

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  1. alofthevalley #

    Charlton on ITV…. The novelty of it. But we all knew what was coming. It was a surprise when ‘we’ scored early doors but it was only a matter of time and it was eventually about eighteen minutes before they were level. I try not to shout at the television because it is pointless but I bellowed last night. We looked like the lower league team and honestly the Stockport players, physique especially, looked like the elite side. The most concerning aspect is things are likely to get worse……we’re not bottom yet. Who will save us Thomas?

    December 8, 2022
  2. Cliff #

    Woeful performance and no bounce -back play..
    Why was Dobson benched ?…a lot of midfield play but little else.
    We lacked desire and Chucks gave the impression he was frustrated and would rather be at home on his PlayStation.
    Albie did all he could as did JFS, and once again Sean Clare gave 100%.
    Morecambe are at the bottom of the league so don’t expect a win Saturday.
    TS needs to act now before we slide further down the table.

    December 8, 2022
  3. Nick #

    I felt sorry for the youngsters who showed endeavour being surrounded by their seniors who showed the leadership qualities of the Tory party. TS will reap what he has sown but the supporters are the ones that truly loose.
    The Charlton saga rolls on but after 50 years of supporting my team it’s hard raise the enthusiasm to do the same.

    December 8, 2022
  4. houndal #

    Bye bye FA Cup.
    Bye bye L1.
    Hello Johnnie Jackson and AFC Wimbledon.
    Amazingly we are odds on at the bookies to bt Morecombe, quite possibly the worst bet I have ever seen.
    Their last 2 home games 1-1 draws with Derby and Portsmouth.
    Shurely shome mishtake?

    December 8, 2022
  5. Steve #

    Think we’re screwed.
    How bad this gets might depend on whether TS has physiological written off his 20 mil – if he has and gets the sort of dogs abuse Roland got, not a stretch to see him walking away and not chucking more good $ after bad – cue admin/potential oblivion. Div 2 next season might be as good as it gets.
    Now CA I know you won’t agree but I think a lot of the blame for the current mess lies at the feet of the CARD linch mob that ran Roland out of town. Maybe if he hadn’t had obscenities daubed over his Belgian residence he wouldn’t have sold out for a quid to the first bunch of chancer crooks that knocked on the door. His hand was forced as was the sale but he kept hold of the crown jewels. In hindsight things weren’t that bad then after all.
    Tenants with no prospects or a pot to piss in. What a mess indeed.

    December 8, 2022
    • Chris #

      Fans need to remember that TS did save us and be careful what you wish for…We all know he is a hard nose business man and is only got involved to make money hoping we would get into the Championship.
      His dreams have evaporated once he realised that won’t happen and the panic button frequently pushed, with the culling of vital staff, managers and the aligence with fans decimated.
      We have a very very weak team who are struggling to produce results.
      We need to keep positive and things will turn around and the next manager appointment is VITAL.

      December 8, 2022
  6. Shadow Play #

    I’ve been searching hard for any positives from the Stockport County game and all I can dredge up is that Sam Lavelle had a good game. We were quite simply hustled off the ball and the goals and defeat was inevitable. Besides the result the low point was Sean Clare getting booked for scuffing up the penalty spot before Will Collar converted the spot kick for his hat-trick.

    Edgeley Park is a tight ground that didn’t suit our style of play but that was no excuse, they simply wanted it more than we did.

    We should have Ryan Inniss and Jayden Stockley back for Saturday, I hope that we’ll pick our strongest XI and that the players demonstrate a bit of pride and desire. The transfer window is opening soon and it’s clear we need to rotate a few players out and some in, there are a few players who have their careers to think about.

    December 8, 2022
  7. JOHN F GOSS #

    Yep dead right

    December 8, 2022

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